Miraflores rechazó el pronunciamiento europeo, «que hoy manifiesta su respaldo al enfoque de Washington».

AFP03/04/2020La Unión Europea (UE) estimó este viernes 3 de abril que el plan de Estados Unidos sobre un gobierno de ...

Lo que se sabe de la fuerza militar que EE UU desplegó cerca de Venezuela tras haber acusado a Maduro y miembros de su gobierno de narcotráfico

BBC News Mundoabril 3, 2020. El asesor de Seguridad Nacional de la Casa Blanca, Robert O'Brien señaló que la misión ...

Grupo de Lima apoya plan de EE UU de gobierno de transición en Venezuela

AFP02/04/2020. El Grupo de Lima entregó este jueves su apoyo a la propuesta estadounidense sobre la formación de un gobierno ...

Juan Guaidó respaldó el despliegue militar de EE UU para frenar narcotráfico en el Caribe

El Nacional02-04-2020. La Presidencia, encabezada por Juan Guaidó, dijo que colaborará con todas las acciones necesarias para acabar con el ...

Agencia AP: EE UU desplegará buques cerca de Venezuela

AP01/04/2020. La administración Trump pronto anunciará que Estados Unidos está moviendo barcos navales hacia Venezuela a medida que mejora las ...

Maduro y Las FANB denuncian y rechazan agresión contra unidad de la Armada (+ Comunicado) - Min Defensa Caracas, 01/04/20.- La Fuerza Armada Nacional Bolivariana (FANB) expreso este martes su rechazo a una agresión registrada ...

PDVSA y la Nueva Alineación con Rusia

Einstein Millán Arcia 01/04/20. La reciente decisión del gobierno ruso de cambiar la naturaleza accionaria de Rosfnet, significa un decidido espaldarazo del ...

Guaidó rechaza asistir a la citación del Ministerio Público por intento de golpe de Estado

AporreaCredito: Web01-04-20.-El diputado de la AN, Juan Guaidó, rechazó este martes la citación a declarar por el caso de presunto ...

El Ministerio Público venezolano cita a Guaidó por acusación de intento de magnicidio

Caracas, 31.03.2020 (Sputnik) — El Ministerio Público de Venezuela llamó a declarar al líder opositor Juan Guaidó, tras las declaraciones ...

Maduro: Furia Bolivariana debe identificar a grupos mercenarios

Últimas NoticiasMarzo 28, 2020. El presidente de la República, Nicolás Maduro Moros, llamó al pueblo a identificar a posibles grupos de ...

Clíver Alcalá se entregó a las autoridades de Colombia y pidió extradición a EEUU

TalCual   marzo 27, 2020. Actualmente Alcalá se encontraría en un hangar de la DEA en Bogotá, a la espera de abordar ...

Guaidó: Acusación contra Maduro ayudará a liberar el país

EFE 27/03/2020. El líder opositor no ha respondido sobre la denuncia de su presunta vinculación con la compra de armas en ...


Toward an objectivistic theory of probability

It is the purpose of this article to set forth the initial ideas and implications of a mathematical theory first expounded in the RAND Corporation Research Memorandum RM900. In that paper, and in the abstract [3], we refer to the theory as a theory of behavior; and this is a more adequate description. For, not only does the theory purpose to locate the concept of probability properly in the context of reality; it also provides a truer precisement of the concept of human motivation-what in the literature of economics and econometrics is designated by the word «utility»; and it implies an inherent discreteness attending all real behavior, in agreement with the quantum theory of physics.


Trump anuncia operación militar antidroga en el Caribe

El presidente de EE UU, Donald Trump, ordenó este miércoles 1 de abril, «duplicar» el número de militares en Latinoamérica para luchar contra el tráfico de drogas en el este del Océano Pacífico y el Caribe, lo que incluye a Venezuela. En una rueda de prensa, Trump anunció la operación militar que ya ha comenzado y que cuenta con el apoyo de 22 naciones.

Ciencia y tecnología

Computability and analysis: the legacy of Alan Turing

We discuss the legacy of Alan Turing and his impact on computability and analysis.


To be or not to be constructive, that is not the question

In the early twentieth century, L.E.J. Brouwer pioneered a new philosophy of mathematics, called intuitionism. Intuitionism was revolutionary in many respects but stands out -mathematically speaking- for its challenge of Hilbert’s formalist philosophy of mathematics and rejection of the law of excluded middle from the ‘classical’ logic used in mainstream mathematics. Out of intuitionism grew intuitionistic logic and the associated Brouwer-Heyting-Kolmogorov interpretation by which ‘there exists x’ intuitively means ‘an algorithm to compute x is given’. A number of schools of constructive mathematics were developed, inspired by Brouwer’s intuitionism and invariably based on intuitionistic logic, but with varying interpretations of what constitutes an algorithm.


Computational interpretations of Markov’s principle

In this thesis we are concerned with Markov’s principle, a statement that originated in the Russian school of Constructive Mathematics and stated originally that “if it is impossible that an algorithm does not terminate, then it will terminate”. This principle has been adapted to many dierent contexts, and in particular we are interested in its most common version for arithmetic, which can be stated as “given a total recursive function f, if it is impossible that a there is no n for which f(n) = 0, then there exists an n such that f(n) = 0”. This is in general not accepted in constructivism, where stating an existential statement requires one to be able to show at request a witness for the statement: here there is no clear way to choose such an n. We introduce more in detail the context of constructive mathematics from dierent points of view, and we show how they are related to Markov’s principle.


Oil Price Rises After Trump Phones Putin

The fact that the US had become less reliant on oil imports was very important for sustaining the position of the US dollar as the global reserve currency, because it is the fact of the global trade in oil being priced in dollars that is the main foundation for that reserve currency position, thereby enabling the US economy to keep growing in a way that is fuelled by debt. That growth strategy is now under serious threat unless the USA can control oil supply and prices in other parts of the world. This ‘necessity’ places the current US refusal to leave Iraq and its theft of oil from Syrian oil wells in context, and makes it easier to understand the intense pressure being placed on Iran and Venezuela in particular. The aggression is actually sign of strategic weakness, verging on desperation. In other words, this is a major geopolitical turning point. It is for this reason that the US is pushing for an end to the oil price war:


Graham Priest’s «Dialetheism» — Is It Althogether True?

Graham Priest’s book In Contradiction (Dordrecht: Martinus Nijhoff, 1987) is a bold and well argued-for defense of the existence of true contradictions. Priest’s case for true contradictions — or «dialetheias», as he calls them — is by no means the only one in contemporary analytical philosophy, let alone in philosophy tout court. In some sense, other defenses of the existence of true contradictions are less philosophically «heterodox» than his is, since, unlike Priest’s orientation, other approaches are closer to prevailing ideas in mainstream analytical philosophy, whereas Priest’s leanings are strongly anti-realist, and not distant from the logical empiricism of the thirties.


The Laplace-Jaynes approach to induction

An approach to induction is presented, based on the idea of analysing the context of a given problem into `circumstances’. This approach, fully Bayesian in form and meaning, provides a complement or in some cases an alternative to that based on de Finetti’s representation theorem and on the notion of infinite exchangeability. In particular, it gives an alternative interpretation of those formulae that apparently involve `unknown probabilities’ or `propensities’.


Human wealth evolution: trends and fluctuations

Is a causal description of human wealth history conceivable? To investigate the matter we introduce a simple causal albeit strongly aggregated model, assuming that the observed wealth growth is mainly driven by human collaborative efforts whose intensity itself increases with increasing wealth. As an empirical reference we use time series describing eight centuries of per capita annual gross domestic products (GDP) of three European countries, the UK, France and Sweden. The model requires a population large enough for disruptive events, e.g. famine, epidemics and wars, not to destroy the fundamental workings of society. The wealth evolution trend can then be described by an ordinary differential equation with three free parameters. The solution features a finite time singularity, which suggests a lack of long term sustainability.


Superlogic Manifolds and Geometric approach to Quantum Logic

The main purpose of this paper is to present a new approach to logic or what we will call superlogic. This approach constitutes a new way of looking at the connection between quantum mechanics and logic. It is a {it geometrisation} of the quantum logic. Note that this superlogic is not distributive reflecting a good propriety to describe quantum mechanics, non commutative spaces and contains a nilpotent element.


Análisis de la sostenibilidad del modelo económico venezolano: chavismo, petróleo y distribución de la renta

En el presente trabajo se analiza el modelo económico venezolano durante los Gobiernos de Hugo Chávez y Nicolás Maduro (1999-2016), con el fin de averiguar si se encuentra en una crisis circunstancial o en una quiebra de insostenibilidad. Para ello, se examinan los fundamentos del modelo económico chavista, analizando políticas y reformas que han tratado de revertir los problemas estructurales de la economía venezolana. Para ello se pone especial énfasis en las medidas redistributivas y de gasto social, claves en la legitimación popular de los sucesivos Gobiernos. A continuación, se detalla la importancia que, para el desarrollo de dichas políticas, tiene el petróleo, elemento determinante para el crecimiento del país y pervivencia del modelo implantado.