PDVSA : El Caradurismo Presente en el Foro de Países Exportadores de Gas

Einstein Millán Arcia17/11/2018. Según nota de prensa reciente [], Venezuela en medio de la más aguda crisis energética jamás registrada ...

Empresas estatales de Venezuela no rinden cuentas y quedan impunes: Transparencia Internacional

Reuters16/11/2018. En Venezuela rige un sistema de gobierno con “rasgos propios del modelo cleptocrático”, que se enfoca en el enriquecimiento ...

Sebastiana Barráez: Lo que realmente ocurre con el ELN en Amazonas

15/11/2018. Fueron los cuerpos de Inteligencia colombiana quienes les filtraron a oficiales venezolanos que en ese sitio, cerca de Puerto ...

Rodrigo Cabezas: “El Presidente ordenó a sus ministros no hablar de hiperinflación”

Versión Final15/11/2018. Rodrigo Cabezas, economista y exministro de Finanzas, asegura que el presidente de la República, Nicolás Maduro, ordenó a ...

OPEP: bombeo de crudo local continuó contracción

Diario El UniversalCaracas, 14/11/2018.-Venezuela bombeó en el mes de octubre 1.171.000 barriles de crudo por día, según el informe de ...

Jesús Faría: Recuperar la producción petrolera es tarea central para mover la economía

Crisbel VarelaCaracas. 14/11/2018.- El constituyentista, Jesús Faría, indicó que la recuperación petrolera es una de las tareas más importantes que ...

Delegación venezolana regresó de China con propuestas para “impulsar” el mercado

AVNCaracas, 13/11/2018.- La delegación venezolana que participó en la Exposición Internacional de Importaciones en Shanghái, China, arribó este martes al país ...

Einstein Millán Arcia: PDVSA: Análisis y Perspectiva 2019

12/11/2018. Desde distintos sectores han surgido con fuerza en los últimos meses, opiniones, propuestas y planteamientos, sobre lo que muchos ...

La Constitución no se puede aprobar en secreto

Diario El Universal12/11/2018. El escritor y analista Luis Britto García señaló que el proyecto de Constitución que está elaborando la ...

“Venezuela puede perder a Citgo”

Betssy Satistevan GasteluCaracas 11/11/2018.-  Francisco Rodríguez, Economista Jefe de Torino Capital, es crítico respecto a la propuesta oficial de aumentar ...

Aumenta la gasolina en Colombia ahora pagaran el litro a 2.529 pesos (BsS.266) y el Diésel a 2.358 pesos (BsS. 248)

10/11/2018. En la capital de Colombia, Bogotá empezaran a pagar la gasolina al precio más alto de su historia y ...

Maduro miente

 Oscar Heck10/11/18. Antes de proveerles las pruebas sobre el hecho de que Maduro miente (más abajo), voy a decir lo ...


For and against Metaphysics in the Modal interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

In this paper we discuss the relation of quantum theory to the problem of metaphysics. Based on metaphysical and anti-metaphysical stances, we put forward an ‘interpretational map’ of quantum mechanics in general and of the modal interpretation in particular. Thus, within the modal interpretation, we distinguish between: Modal Interpretations (which start from) the Mathematical Formalism (MIMF) and Modal Interpretations (which start from) Metaphysical Principles (MIMP). Finally, we argue for a middle path in between metaphysical principles and the formal conditions imposed on quantum mechanics


El capitalismo y la guerra

Como señala Jean-Pierre Chevènement “Esta cuestión del hegemón no permite aclarar todos los elementos políticos, sociales, culturales en juego dentro del gigantesco desplazamiento del centro de gravedad mundial ocurrido a partir de 1914. Pero, en todas las grandes crisis que el capitalismo ha atravesado desde el siglo XIV, la cuestión de la hegemonía se ha planteado siempre como algo central: cosa poco vista y poco dicha, pues pone en entredicho la supuesta neutralidad de la doctrina liberal. El «mercado», en efecto, sólo funciona si lo «político», en última instancia, es lo bastante fuerte como para fijarle el marco y hacer respetar sus reglas. Es así como Inglaterra, en el siglo XVII, superó a los Países-Bajos y, sucesivamente, las pretensiones hegemónicas de España y de Francia. Igual que Alemania, a comienzos del siglo XX, reclamaba su «lugar al sol», también China aspira hoy a recuperar el rango y la parte de las riquezas mundiales que le pertenecían antes del siglo de eclipse que atravesó desde 1840 (guerra del opio) hasta 1949 (proclamación de la República Popular de China). ¿Qué cosa más legítima, a priori?”[

Ciencia y tecnología

Applications of Deep Learning to Nuclear Fusion Research

Diogo R. Ferreira on behalf of JET Contributors Abstract: Nuclear fusion is the process that powers the sun, and it is one of the best hopes to achieve a virtually unlimited energy source for the future of humanity. However, reproducing sustainable nuclear fusion reactions here on Earth is a tremendous scientific and technical challenge. Special […]


The Einsteins Quantum: How can Mathematics be Used to Articulate Reality?

In this paper, we discuss the role of Mathematics in articulating reality in theoretical Physics. We propose a parallel between empirical and theoretical work and investigate how scientists can also speak about reality without performing any laboratory trial, a key explanation element of STS. To do so, we examine Einsteins 1905 paper on the nature of light for which he received the Nobel Prize of Physics in 1922 and which is deemed as revolutionary by contemporary textbooks. Using Bakhtins Philosophy of Language, we analyze Einsteins narrative to trace the mechanisms he has used to articulate a new entity, the quantum without performing any experiment or empirical observation. We dialogue with classical results obtained by STS in the context of empirical sciences, drawing in particular on Bruno Latours concept of chain of reference. We have also used Bakhtins metalinguistic analysis to highlight Einsteins rhetoric strategies. Our results indicate that the concept of chain of reference can be applied to theoretical physics and that it is possible to trace a parallel between laboratory trials and mathematical trials, in which mathematic operators play the role of laboratory equipment.


Edward Conze: A Study in Contradiction

No introduction to the Prajñāpāramitā would be complete without some reference to the eccentric German scholar, Eberhart Julius Dietrich Conze (1904–1979), aka Dr Edward Conze. I think this is particularly important because his reputation is rather inflated. There is no doubt that he was a gifted linguist and a pioneer of studying the Prajñāpāramitā texts, but he was also a snob, a racist, and a misogynist. People who are in no position to judge still rave about what a great scholar he was, but much of his scholarship is tainted by poor attention to detail and infected his peculiar personal religion. Since I am in the business of revising the history of the Heart Sutra, I may as well put Dr Conze into some perspective as well.


New Powerful Defense Alliance Changes European Security Landscape

French President Macron said he wanted a “real European army” because “We have to protect ourselves with respect to China, Russia and even the United States of America.” “When I see President Trump announcing that he’s quitting a major disarmament treaty which was formed after the 1980s Euromissile crisis that hit Europe, who is the main victim? Europe and its security,” he told Europe 1 in his first radio interview since becoming president. Emmanuel Macron believes that “Europe can ensure its own protection against Russia and even, under an unpredictable President Donald Trump.” That’s how the US is viewed in Europe now. Not a defender but rather a threat.


Historical Approach to Physics according to Kant, Einstein, and Hegel

It is known that Einstein’s conceptual base for his theory of relativity was the philosophy formulated by Immanuel Kant. Things appear differently to observers in different frames. However, Kant’s Ding-an-Sich leads to the existence of the absolute reference frame which is not acceptable in Einstein’s theory. It is possible to avoid this conflict using the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism where two different views can co-exist in harmony. This is not enough to explain Einstein’s discovery of the mass-energy relation. The energy-momentum relations for slow and ultra-fast particles take different forms. Einstein was able to synthesize these two formulas to create his energy-mass relation. Indeed, this is what Hegelianism is about in physics. Isaac Newton synthesized open orbits for comets and closed orbits for planets to create his second law of motion. Maxwell combined electricity and magnetism to create his four equations to the present-day wireless world. In order to synthesize wave and particle views of matter, Heisenberg formulated his uncertainty principle. Relativity and quantum mechanics are the two greatest theories formulated in the 20th Century. Efforts to synthesize these two theories are discussed in detail.


On Hegel’s Critique of the Noumenal in Kant

Damien Booth’s article “Hegel’s Philosophy of Physics and Kant’s Noumena” addresses Hegel’s critique of Kant concerning the positing of the noumena, the realm beyond the sensible, which for Hegel results in entanglements and contradiction, Kantian antinomies that the dialectic could resolve. While the article appears to be an exposition of the contradiction of Kant’s noumena and its critique in Hegel, Booth turns to Adorno and Heidegger to accentuate the relevance of Kant’s modern project of philosophy and Hegel’s critique.


La Bolsa en la Transformación social pactada

Cuando Adam Smith inventó el concepto de la “mano invisible” (invisible hand) para describir la poca entendida cibernética del mercado, no podía saber, que en las tres grandes innovaciones institucionales de la crematística mercantil –la sociedad anónima de capital variable, la bolsa de valores (stock exchange) y el capital de riesgo (venture capital)– el stock exchange iba a ser la institución conductora macroeconómica más eficiente inventada en los tres mil años de existencia del mercantilismo privado. El socialismo histórico, basado en la planeación centralizada –sin apoyo del internet– nunca logró diseñar un equivalente funcional de esta institución, que permite transparentar minuto a minuto la dinámica y expectativa de las tasas de ganancia y la intervención (o manipulación) inmediata de los grandes decisores sistémicos. La bolsa es la “mano más visible” de la economía de mercado y, como tal, el visualizador de sus parámetros económicos y políticos trascendentales. Ese centro de gravitación económico-político indicativo de todo el sistema es de igual importancia orientadora para la política cotidiana de opositores y partidarios sociales y estatales.


Metaphysical issues in philosophical foundation of quantum mechanics

The advent of quantum mechanics in physics was concomitant with the arrival of logical empiricism on the philosophical scene. While quantum mechanics quickly lead to philosophical speculation among physicists (which many scholars felt was metaphysical), logical positivism was a frontal assault on the deep seated tendency towards metaphysics in Western philosophical thought. However, the philosophical movement that grew out of Logical Empiricism – sometimes going by the name Anglo-Saxon philosophy but better know as analytic philosophy – “was subverted by reactionary forces. […] And lo, even before mid-century, some of its ablest adherents began to make the world safe for metaphysics again” (van Fraassen, 2002, p. xviii). Thus, the possibility or impossibility of a metaphysical development of physics – a discussion which has taken place mainly within the analytic domain – remains at stake at the beginning of the 21st century. Contrary to that other revolution in physics, relativity theory, quantum mechanics was ambiguous with respect to metaphysics from the start. So even though metaphysics is again relevant in any domain of physics, including relativity theory, quantum mechanics – exactly because of its recalcitrant nature with respect to any kind of interpretation – remains an even more interesting locus for philosophical research into the nature of a contemporary metaphysics of science than relativity theory. From very different perspectives, this special issue is an attempt to address the metaphysical and anti-metaphysical stances of very different proposals regarding the interpretation of quantum mechanics.


“From Among Your Own Selves will Arise…”: Reflections on 2 Peter and Prophecy

In regards to potential threats to the church, some are very familiar with the quote, “We have far more to fear from within than from without.” It is what follows that brings me to my knees, “The unbelief indulged, the doubts expressed, the darkness cherished, encourage the presence of evil angels, and open the way for the accomplishment of Satan’s devices.” (SM1, 122).