Las Fuerzas Armadas de la MUD estarían por aparecer: Luis Fuenmayor Toro

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Pdvsa: El plan es posicionarnos como principal productor de crudo pesado

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El pueblo firme en la calle

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(Reportaje) Mauro Libi, Samark López, Haiman El Troudi y el Desfalco a la Nación

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Mi suegra tiene 42 millones de dólares en Suiza y mi esposa empresas en Europa

Javier Antonio Vivas Santana  15/07/17. Odebrecht es un grupo transnacional brasileño de ingeniería y construcción, sobre el cual existe una ...

El Movimiento De Frente con Venezuela ante la coyuntura actual

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Cancelación de convocatoria a Constituyente y de Consulta de la MUD, plantean organizaciones no polarizadas Caracas 13/07/2017.- Organizaciones y dirigentes de diversa orientación política, que se consideran "no polarizados" en los extremos confrontados que representan el ...

Maduro: Todo trabajador de empresa pública debe votar en la ANC, sin excusas

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Samark López desmintió nexos irregulares con el Estado venezolano

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Padrino López: La patria hoy se disputa una nueva independencia

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Falcón: Tenemos muchas reservas sobre una huelga general

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Logic of gauge

The logic of gauge theory is considered by tracing its development from general relativity to Yang-Mills theory, through Weyl’s two gauge theories. A handful of elements—which for want of better terms can be called emph geometrical justice, emph matter wave, emph second clock effect, emph twice too many energy levels—are enough to produce Weyl’s second theory; and from there, all that’s needed to reach the Yang-Mills formalism is a emph non-Abelian structure group (say SU(N)).


Mao Zedong: the Marxist Lord of Misrule

The first thing to do is then to fully endorse the displacement in the history of Marxism concentrated in two great passages (or, rather, violent cuts): the passage from Marx to Lenin, as well as the passage from Lenin to Mao. In each case there is a displacement of the original constellation: from the most forward country (as expected by Marx) to a relatively backward country – the revolution “took place in a wrong country”; from workers to (poor) peasants as the main revolutionary agent, etc. In the same way as Christ needed Paul’s “betrayal” in order for Christianity to emerge as a universal Church (recall that, among the 12 apostles, Paul occupies the place of Judas the traitor, replacing him!), Marx needed Lenin’s “betrayal” in order to enact the first Marxist revolution: it is an inner necessity of the “original” teaching to submit to and survive this “betrayal,” to survive this violent act of being torn out of one’s original context and thrown into a foreign landscape where it has to reinvent itself – only in this way, universality is born.

Ciencia y tecnología

Quantum theory as a principle theory: insights from an information-theoretic reconstruction

We give a condensed and accessible summary of a recent derivation of quantum theory from information-theoretic principles, and use it to study the consequences of this and other reconstructions for our conceptual understanding of the quantum world. Since these principles are to a large extent expressed in computational terminology, we argue that the hypothesis of “physics as computation”, if suitably interpreted, attains surprising explanatory power. Similarly as Jeffrey Bub and others, we conclude that quantum theory should be understood as a “principle theory of information”, and we regard this view as a partial interpretation of quantum theory. We outline three options for completion into a full-fledged interpretation of quantum theory, but argue that, despite their interpretational agnosticism, the principled reconstructions pose a challenge for existing psi-ontic interpretations. We also argue that continuous reversible time evolution can be understood as a characteristic property of quantum theory, offering a possible answer to Chris Fuchs’ search for a “glimpse of quantum reality”.


The general invariance of physical laws

Physical laws are a set of rules in the relationship between observations made by the experimenter. All these observations are made through a mechanism that links the external world to the experimenter’s awareness, a mechanism which is not under the experimenter’s control. We discuss how this mechanism can affect the physical laws as implied by the experimenter, and define fundamental physical laws as the ones which remain invariant under the change of such mechanism.


Segal-type models of higher categories

Higher category theory is an exceedingly active area of research, whose rapid growth has been driven by its penetration into a diverse range of scientific fields. Its influence extends through key mathematical disciplines, notably homotopy theory, algebraic geometry and algebra, mathematical physics, to encompass important applications in logic, computer science and beyond. Higher categories provide a unifying language whose greatest strength lies in its ability to bridge between diverse areas and uncover novel applications. In this foundational work we introduce a new approach to higher categories. It builds upon the theory of iterated internal categories, one of the simplest possible higher categorical structures available, by adopting a novel and remarkably simple “weak globularity” postulate and demonstrating that the resulting model provides a fully general theory of weak n-categories. The latter are among the most complex of the higher structures, and are crucial for applications. We show that this new model of “weakly globular n-fold categories” is suitably equivalent to the well studied model of weak n-categories due to Tamsamani and Simpson.


Study and Implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Thought on Diplomacy in a Deep-going Way and Keep Writing New Chapters of Major-Country Diplomacy with Distinctive Chinese Features

1.Setting strategic goals and key missions for China’s external work in a new era. Based on his assessment of the global trend and the historical stage China has reached, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in explicit terms that we are closer than ever to the center of the global stage, that we are closer than ever to fulfilling the Chinese dream of national renewal and that we are more confident and able than ever to realize this goal. General Secretary Xi Jinping has stressed the following: In pursuing diplomacy, China will stay committed to peace, development and win-win cooperation, take into account both domestic and international situation and ensure both development and security. We will stay committed to peaceful development, resolutely uphold sovereignty, security and development interests and preserve and extend the major period of strategic opportunity for China’s development


Finitistic Properties of High Complexity

We use fast-growing finite and infinite sequences of natural numbers and more complicated constructs to define models of hypercomputation and interpret non-arithmetic predicates, with the strongest extensions reaching full second order arithmetical truth and beyond. Since the predicates are interpreted using properties of certain natural finite structures, they are arguably finitistic.


Intuitionistic modal logic based on neighborhood semantics without superset axiom

In this paper we investigate certain systems of propositional logic defned semantically in terms of neighborhood structures. These systems have both intuitionistic and modal aspects. We discuss various restrictions imposed on our models (i.e. on the defnition of neighborhood function) but our constant approach is to discard superset axiom. Such modifcation allows us to think about specifc modalities Δ and new functor ⇝ depending on the notion of maximal neighborhood. We show how it is possible to treat maximal neighborhoods like topological spaces. Also, we describe properties of bounded morphism, bisimulation and n-bisimulation in our semantics. Finally, we analyze the concept of canonical models.


Measuring the Knowledge Intensity of Economies with an Improved Measure of Economic Complexity

How much knowledge is there in an economy? In recent years, data on the mix of products that countries export has been used to construct measures of economic complexity that estimate the knowledge available in an economy and predict future economic growth. Here we introduce a new metric of economic complexity (ECI+) that measures the total exports of an economy corrected by how difficult it is to export each product. We use data from 1973 to 2013 to compare the ability of ECI+, the Economic Complexity Index (ECI), and Fitness complexity, to predict future economic growth using 5, 10, and 20-year panels in a pooled OLS, a random effects model, and a fixed effects model. We find that ECI+ outperforms ECI and Fitness in its ability to predict economic growth and in the consistency of its estimators across most econometric specifications. We then combine ECI+ with measures of physical capital, human capital, and institutions, to select a robust model of economic growth and test the robustness of ECI+.


El problema de la reflexión en Husserl y Heidegger

La idea de que la fenomenología de Husserl representa una suerte de filosofía reflexiva, basada en una metodología que desarrolla la tradición cartesiana, se ha convertido en una creencia ampliamente difundida en la literatura filosófica. Este énfasis puesto por Husserl en la reflexión fue arduamente criticado por Heidegger. Desde entonces resulta frecuente encontrarse con la afirmación de que Husserl y Heidegger desarrollan dos conceptos de fenomenología diferentes, incluso antagónicos. No se trata de seguir alimentando esta discusión historiográfica. Aquí, por una parte, se muestra el núcleo de la temprana crítica heideggeriana en el transcurso de sus primeras lecciones de Friburgo (1919-1923) y Marburgo (1924-1928) y, por otra, se sopesan algunas de las observaciones críticas de Heidegger a Husserl a la luz de evidencias textuales de la fenomenología husserliana, ignoradas no sólo por Heidegger, sino también por un sorprendente número de reconocidos especialistas en el campo de la filosofía, de las ciencias cognitivas y de la filosofía de la mente. Palabras clave: constitución, fenomenología hermenéutica y reflexiva, solipsismo.


Left Fault Lines

Nothing is certain in politics except that nothing is certain. It is quite possible that the large scale support of well-to-do and well meaning liberals slips noiselessly away from any association with the militants of group 4, while the bonds between 2 and 3 may weaken in coming years as well. The cards may be reshuffled and dealt. Another movement, sufficiently organized and willing to exploit and where possible to widen existing rifts among these left groups, highlight and encourage doubts, could welcome disillusioned idealists from groups 1 and 3 to a quite new political home. Politics is the practice of the possible