Hemeroteca del mes junio, 2011

US-Led Commodity Boom: Fake Prices, Global Crises

Por • 30 jun, 2011 • Category: Internacionales

As any attentive shopper or driver almost anywhere in the world could tell you, the prices of basic things like food and gasoline have risen faster than inflation in the last five or ten years. In US Dollar terms, prices for all 24 commodities in the most widely traded commodity index fund rose by an average of about 100 percent from 2003 to 2008, for instance. And the pace is not letting up now. Gold rose by 30 percent in 2010, copper by 33%, wheat by 47, corn by 52, cotton by 92, and so on…Analysts, journalists, government agencies, and market players wedded to a traditional supply and demand calculus have struggled to explain the price explosion.

The next 30-year war

Por • 30 jun, 2011 • Category: Ambiente

No one can know, of course, what our version of the Treaty of Westphalia will look like or who will be the winners and losers on this planet. In the intervening 30 years, however, that much violence and suffering will have ensued goes without question. Nor can anyone say today which of the contending forms of energy will prove dominant in 2041 and beyond.

The End of Cheap Uranium

Por • 30 jun, 2011 • Category: Ambiente

Historic data from many countries demonstrate that on average no more than 50-70% of the uranium in a deposit could be mined. An analysis of more recent data from Canada and Australia leads to a mining model with an average deposit extraction lifetime of 10+- 2 years. This simple model provides an accurate description of the extractable amount of uranium for the recent mining operations.

“Cáncer” y resurrección de Hugo Chávez

Por • 30 jun, 2011 • Category: Nacionales

La enfermedad de Chávez ha puesto en la agenda del día el problema de la sucesión del líder, a semejanza de lo que sucedió en Cuba con la destitución de Carlos Lage y Felipe Pérez Roque. El largo papel dominante de Fidel y de Chávez en sus sistemas de poder, había marginado el debate público sobre este tema. Tal moratoria histórica llegó a su fin.

Colapso estratégico-operativo del gobierno venezolano

Por • 30 jun, 2011 • Category: Nacionales

Los acontecimientos de las últimas semanas han revelado una terrible verdad: que el gobierno venezolano ha perdido su capacidad estratégica-operativa global, incluyendo su potencial estratégico de defensa ideológica y política.

Aprendiendo a (sobre)vivir sin Hugo

Por • 30 jun, 2011 • Category: Nacionales

En el cuadro de las interrogantes cotidianas están quién sucederá al líder si su enfermedad se prolonga (¿el vicepresidente Elías Jaua?), la confirmación del acto de constitución de la Comunidad de Estados Latinoamericanos y Caribeños pautado para el 5 de julio en Caracas y el cronograma de las elecciones del año próximo para renovar los mandatos presidencial y de gobernadores.

An effective Caratheodory Theorem

Por • 30 jun, 2011 • Category: Opinion

By means of the property of effective local connectivity, the computability of finding the Carath\’eodory extension of a conformal map of a Jordan domain onto the unit disk is demonstrated.

Applications of a constrained mechanics methodology in economics

Por • 30 jun, 2011 • Category: Economía

The paper presents instructive interdisciplinary applications of constrained mechanics calculus in economics on a level appropriate for the undergraduate physics education. The aim of the paper is: 1. to meet the demand for illustrative examples suitable for presenting the background of the highly expanding research field of econophysics even on the undergraduate level and 2. to enable the students to understand deeper the principles and methods routinely used in mechanics by looking at the well known methodology from the different perspective of economics.

Old versus new paradigm simplicity

Por • 30 jun, 2011 • Category: Filosofía

Established idea-sets may not update seamlessly. The tension between new and old views of nature is documented even in Galileo’s dialogs, and today is present in many fields.

Lanchester Theory and the Fate of Armed Revolts

Por • 30 jun, 2011 • Category: sociologia

Major revolts have recently erupted in parts of the Middle East with substantial international repercussions. Predicting, coping with and winning those revolts have become a grave problem for many regimes and for world powers. We propose a new model of such revolts that describes their evolution by building on the classic Lanchester theory of combat.