Hemeroteca del mes septiembre, 2014

Breves del Gobierno

Por • 29 sep, 2014 • Category: Nacionales

El presidente Maduro declaró que el Gobierno no procedería a la venta de CITGO, sino muy por el contrario pasaría a repotenciarla.

Black Sea Strategy –Threshold of World War?

Por • 29 sep, 2014 • Category: Internacionales

The article Ukraine, Iraq and a Black Sea Strategy by George Friedman came into focus of international experts’ attention. The author is known to make no bones about it when he expresses his opinion. While others wrote about European values, democracy and open society to take hold in Ukraine, he devoted his writings to Russia’s strategic position, military planning, oil and gas policy. He openly admits thatthe United States saw the events in Ukraine as either an opportunity for moral posturing or as a strategic blow to Russian national security. He also points out that “U.S.geography and power permit a degree of uncertainty“ . Actually the author is talking about geostrategy aimed at plunging the world into chaos. But it’s not the main thing.

Mereology in Philosophy of Mathematics

Por • 29 sep, 2014 • Category: Leyes

There is a surprising variety of programs in the philosophy and foundations of mathematics that have found mereology a useful and, in some cases, an indispensable tool. After emphasizing a number of key relevant features of mereology, we will brie.y examine four such programs, including (1) Goodman and Quine.s efforts to recover syntax of mathematical language as part of a .nitist, formalist philosophy of mathematics; (2) Field.s and Burgess.»synthetic mechanics» as an effort to recover nominalistically certain applications of mathematics in physics inspired by synthetic geometry; (3) Lewis.attempt to ground set theory on a combination of mereology and plural logic, which he called «megethology» (theory of size); (4) Hellman.s modal-structuralism employing the same machinery as (3) together with modal logic, but to provide an eliminative structuralist alternative to platonist, face-value readings of abstract mathemtical theories.

Ferrán y Merentes

Por • 29 sep, 2014 • Category: Nacionales

El profesor Bernardo Ferrán fue uno de los creadores en Venezuela del sistema de cuentas nacionales

Immanuel Kant´s Idea of Time vs. Norbert Elias Critique on his conception

Por • 29 sep, 2014 • Category: Filosofía

In his Critique of Pure Reason, Kant describes time as the formal condition on which all phenomena are based upon. He considers it as a one-dimensional subject, that is not an empirical perception, which is given a priori and nothing else but the form of an inner sense. Elias contradicts this, as he differentiates between a social time and a physical time. He demands an understanding for the relation between time in ’society’ and in ’nature’. Elias states that languages (he specifically mentions German) often don’t have a word that would be equivalent to the English term “timing». For Elias ’time’ is part of the fifth dimension, the dimension of symbols, of experience, of awareness.

Transfer equals comprehension

Por • 28 sep, 2014 • Category: Educacion

Recently, conservative extensions of Peano and Heyting arithmetic in the spirit of Nelson’s syntactic approach to Nonstandard Analysis, have been proposed. We continue and extend this study with an eye on Reverse Mathematics-style results, formulating a suitable base theory along the way. In this way, we prove the equivalence between comprehension and transfer principles.

¿Para dónde vamos?

Por • 28 sep, 2014 • Category: Nacionales

¿Qué hará Maduro para enfrentar una crisis económica que se lo está comiendo?

War: Origins and Effects

Por • 28 sep, 2014 • Category: sociologia

The International System is a self-organized system and shows emergent behavior. During the timeframe (1495 – 1945), a finite-time singularity and four accompanying accelerating log-periodic cycles shaped the dynamics of the International System. The accelerated growth of the connectivity of the regulatory network of the International System, in combination with its anarchistic structure, produce and shape the war dynamics of the system. Accelerated growth of the connectivity of the International system is fed by population growth and the need for social systems to fulfill basic requirements. The finite-time singularity and accompanying log-periodic oscillations were instrumental in the periodic reorganization of the regulatory network of the International System, and contributed to a long-term process of social expansion and integration in Europa. The singularity dynamic produced a series of organizational innovations. At the critical time of the singularity (1939) the connectivity of the system reached a critical threshold, resulting in a critical transition. This critical transition caused a fundamental reorganization of the International System: Europe transformed from an anarchistic system to cooperative security community

A GDP-driven model for the binary and weighted structure of the International Trade Network

Por • 28 sep, 2014 • Category: Economía

Recent events such as the global financial crisis have renewed the interest in the topic of economic networks. One of the main channels of shock propagation among countries is the International Trade Network (ITN). Two important models for the ITN structure, the classical gravity model of trade (more popular among economists) and the fitness model (more popular among networks scientists), are both limited to the characterization of only one representation of the ITN. The gravity model satisfactorily predicts the volume of trade between connected countries, but cannot reproduce the observed missing links (i.e. the topology). On the other hand, the fitness model can successfully replicate the topology of the ITN, but cannot predict the volumes. This paper tries to make an important step forward in the unification of those two frameworks, by proposing a new GDP-driven model which can simultaneously reproduce the binary and the weighted properties of the ITN.

Diosdado Cabello: El nuevo secretario de la MUD aparecía en la nómina de la Alcaldía Metropolitana

Por • 26 sep, 2014 • Category: Nacionales

Diosdado Cabello, informó la noche del jueves durante su programa semanal “Con el Mazo Dando”, que el recién electo secretario ejecutivo de la Mesa de la Unidad Democrática (MUD), Jesús “Chuo” Torrealba, aparecía en la nómina del Alcaldía Metropolitana como asesor.