Hemeroteca del mes julio, 2015

Julian Schwinger: Nuclear Physics, the Radiation Laboratory, Renormalized QED, Source Theory, and Beyond

Por • 31 jul, 2015 • Category: Educacion

Julian Schwinger’s influence on twentieth century science is profound and pervasive. Of course, he is most famous for his renormalization theory of quantum electrodynamics, for which he shared the Nobel Prize with Richard Feynman and Sin-itiro Tomonaga. But although this triumph was undoubtedly his most heroic work, his legacy lives on chiefly through subtle and elegant work in classical electrodynamics, quantum variational principles, proper-time methods, quantum anomalies, dynamical mass generation, partial symmetry, and more. Starting as just a boy, he rapidly became the pre-eminent nuclear physicist in the late 1930s, led the theoretical development of radar technology at MIT during World War II, and then, soon after the war, conquered quantum electrodynamics, and became the leading quantum field theorist for two decades, before taking a more iconoclastic route during his last quarter century.

Defensor del pueblo en Colombia denunció abusos de GNB en la frontera

Por • 31 jul, 2015 • Category: Política

«La Guardia Nacional Bolivariana ha cometido cometido asesinatos y requisas en la división territorial», informó Jorge Otálora, funcionario del vecino país. El defensor ha denunciado que la GNB, los cuales han hecho varios atropellamientos contra los colombianos, se han apropiado del dinero y les ha quitado la mercancía.

San Félix: Un muerto y 60 detenidos tras disturbios y saqueos a cuatro supermercados. Desmienten toque de queda

Por • 31 jul, 2015 • Category: Nacionales

en la avenida Manuel Piar de San Félix, Estado Bolívar, se ha registrado un conato de disturbios que dejó un fallecido de un disparo en el pecho y varios detenidos

Autoridad griega: “Venezuela es un símbolo de resistencia para el imperialismo”

Por • 31 jul, 2015 • Category: sociologia

Gobierno de Grecia, a través de su secretario para las Relaciones Exteriores, Yorgos Tsipras, agradeció el apoyo político que el Gobierno Bolivariano ha demostrado al pueblo heleno. La autoridad griega, quien se encuentra en el país para fortalecer las relaciones binacionales, destacó que “Venezuela es un símbolo de resistencia para el imperialismo”. En la Casa Amarilla Antonio José de Sucre, Tsipras, en compañía de Calixto Ortega, viceministro venezolano de Cooperación Económica, y del embajador de Grecia en Venezuela, Nikolaus Kotrokois, encabezó una conferencia para hablar sobre la situación política y económica que atraviesa la nación griega.

MADNESS: A Multiresolution, Adaptive Numerical Environment for Scientific Simulation

Por • 31 jul, 2015 • Category: Ciencia y tecnología

MADNESS (multiresolution adaptive numerical environment for scientific simulation) is a high-level software environment for solving integral and differential equations in many dimensions that uses adaptive and fast harmonic analysis methods with guaranteed precision based on multiresolution analysis and separated representations. Underpinning the numerical capabilities is a powerful petascale parallel programming environment that aims to increase both programmer productivity and code scalability. This paper describes the features and capabilities of MADNESS and briefly discusses some current applications in chemistry and several areas of physics.

South China Sea and Geopolitics of Islands

Por • 31 jul, 2015 • Category: Internacionales

On 22 July, the Chinese press reported that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army is carrying out ten days of manoeuvres in the waters off the eastern island of Hainan in the South China Sea. China’s Maritime Safety Administration has stated that during the exercises, «no vessel is allowed to enter the designated maritime areas». Commenting on the event, Xu Liping, an expert on Southeast Asian affairs at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, noted that China is carrying out the training exercises legitimately within its territory and they have «nothing to do with the tension in the South China Sea… It is a normal exercise of sovereignty. China wants to modernise its navy to make sure it has the capability to protect its islands and waterway».

From Fusion Algebra to Cold Fusion or from Pure Reason to Pragmatism

Por • 31 jul, 2015 • Category: Leyes

The paper utilizes some fundamental results obtained in the context of topological quantum field theory, hyper finite sub-factors, Turaev-Viro machine and four dimensional fusion algebra to shed mathematical, physical and philosophical light on the major problem of cold fusion reactors. In particular, we develop a picture model for the quantum vacuum by using modern transfinite quantum field theory but also guided by philosophical ideas about the picture of the space of logic and reality.

The Liar Paradox in Plato

Por • 31 jul, 2015 • Category: Filosofía

Although most scholars trace the Liar Paradox to Plato’s contemporary, Eubulides, the paper argues that Plato builds something very like the Liar Paradox into the very structure of his dialogues with significant consequences for understanding his views. After a preliminary exposition of the liar paradox it is argued that Plato builds this paradox into the formulation of many of his central doctrines, including the “Divided Line” and the “Allegory of the Cave” (both in the Republic) and the “Ladder of Love” (in the Symposium). Thus, Plato may have been the first to formulate the view that Graham Priest calls dialetheism, roughly, the view that some contradictions are, in an illuminating way, inescapable and true.

Saquean centro de Pdval en Barrancas del Orinoco, Monagas

Por • 30 jul, 2015 • Category: Nacionales

Un grupo de 500 personas aproximadamente derrumbó este miércoles el portón principal de Pdval, ubicado en Barrancas del Orinoco, estado Monagas, y saqueó los productos que allí se encontraban.

Cabello: No sacaremos la bandera de la paz a quien nos de plomo

Por • 30 jul, 2015 • Category: Nacionales

Reiteró que el Gobierno nacional ha garantizado los derechos humanos en los operativos de seguridad de la