Hemeroteca del mes abril, 2016

Soldados Bolivarianos

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Elías Jaua Milano 24/04/2016. La doctrina imperialista elaborada para las Fuerzas Armadas de América Latina, que les asignó a estas el papel de fuerzas de ocupación y exterminio contra sus propios pueblos, tuvo en Rómulo Betancourt su más fiel exponente. La doctrina «betancouriana», basada en un profundo desprecio por los compatriotas militares, intentó extrañarlos del […]

Japan eyes China, US in X-2 stealth project

Por • 24 abr, 2016 • Category: Internacionales

Japan test-flew its first domestically made X-2 stealth fighter, also known as the Shinshin, on Friday. Military strategists have been speculating about how Japan intends to use the aircraft. According to the Japanese defense ministry, Shinshin is not a real fighter jet, but a «technology demonstrator» to explore stealth technology. Theoretically, the successful maiden flight makes Japan the fourth country to fly a homegrown stealth fighter. But it will take a long time before Japan finishes all the revisions and builds a combat-ready fighter jet.

Stratfor: Russia persistently applies pressure against the West

Por • 24 abr, 2016 • Category: Política

Russia showed its readiness to compromise, especially on the Ukrainian crisis. Representatives of the People’s Republics for Donetsk and Luhansk said that they pushed back the dates for local elections to have more time for talks. Kiev and the West insist the elections in the unrecognized republics should be delayed until security regulations of the Minsk Accord are implemented accordingly. However, Russia’s goodwill did not go farther, and Moscow started applying pressure against the West in other issues.

Presidente Maduro considera que el nuevo petróleo para Venezuela debe ser el turismo

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Prensa Presidencial 23/04/2016. Playa El Agua.- El presidente de la República, Nicolás Maduro, consideró que el nuevo petróleo para Venezuela debe ser el Turismo, que junto a los otros 14 motores de la Agenda Económica Bolivariana permitirá activar una economía verdadera y de desarrollo progresivo y sostenible para así generar nuevas fuentes de ingresos de […]

Reflections on the renormalization procedure for gauge theories

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Various pieces of insight were needed to formulate the rules for working with gauge theories of the electro-magnetic, weak and strong forces. First, it was needed to understand how to formulate the Feynman rules. We had to learn that there are many different ways to derive them, and it was needed to know how different formulations of the gauge constraint lead to the same final results: the calculated values of the scattering amplitudes. The rules for dealing with the infinities that had to be subtracted were a big challenge, culminating in the discovery of the Becchi-Rouet-Stora-Tyutin symmetry.

Is 1+1=2 an empirical proposition?

Por • 24 abr, 2016 • Category: Opinion

The idea of meaning as use in language is explored in a mathematical and physical context. Two possible scenarios of further analysis are presented: Ordinal arithmetic and String theory.

The Impact of Services on Economic Complexity: Service Sophistication as Route for Economic Growth

Por • 22 abr, 2016 • Category: Economía

Economic complexity reflects the amount of knowledge that is embedded in the productive structure of an economy. By combining tools from network science and econometrics, a robust and stable relationship between a country’s productive structure and its economic growth has been established. Here we report that not only goods but also services are important for predicting the rate at which countries will grow. By adopting a terminology which classifies manufactured goods and delivered services as products, we investigate the influence of services on the country’s productive structure. In particular, we provide evidence that complexity indices for services are in general higher than those for goods, which is reflected in a general tendency to rank countries with developed service sector higher than countries with economy centred on manufacturing of godos.

On Tarski’s axiomatic foundations of the calculus of relations

Por • 21 abr, 2016 • Category: Leyes

It is shown that Tarski’s set of ten axioms for the calculus of relations is independent in the sense that no axiom can be derived from the remaining axioms. It is also shown that by modifying one of Tarski’s axioms slightly, and in fact by replacing the right-hand distributive law for relative multiplication with its left-hand version, we arrive at an equivalent set of axioms which is redundant in the sense that one of the axioms, namely the second involution law, is derivable from the other axioms. The set of remaining axioms is independent.

Where is the global corporate elite? A large-scale network study of local and nonlocal interlocking directorates

Por • 21 abr, 2016 • Category: sociologia

We argue against the dominant a priori distinction between national and transnational in the study of corporate elites. Business elites reconfigure their locus of organization over time, from the city level, to the national level, and beyond. We ask what the current level of elite organization is and propose a novel theoretical and empirical approach to answer this question. Building on the universal distinction between local and non-local ties we use network analysis and community detection to dissect the global network of interlocking directorates among over five million firms. We find that elite orientation is indeed changing from the national to the transnational plane, but we register a considerable heterogeneity across different regions in the world.

Declaración Política del Movimiento “De Frente con Venezuela”

Por • 21 abr, 2016 • Category: Nacionales

Jueves, 21 de Abril de 2016 La grave crisis venezolana es estructural, esférica y evidente. Estructural por corresponder al inconmovible modelo exportador de materia prima, agravado hasta la saciedad por el régimen gobernante. Esférica porque es crisis desde cualquier ángulo que se contemple. Evidente porque no requiere demostración. Si las políticas que se presentan para […]