Hemeroteca del mes junio, 2016

Military experts: NATO prepares for war against Russia

Por • 30 jun, 2016 • Category: Internacionales

The NATO has increased its presence in Eastern Europe 13 times for the latest years. In order to stop Russia’s revival, the US unwinds military conflicts plots at every possible way. Colonel General Leonid Ivashov, President of the International Centre of Geopolitical Analysis explained in an interview to KP, that ‘if data on Russia-NATO power balance at the Western direction is analyzed, as well as military activity build-up rate at our borders, scale of combat equipment deployment, if the grade of Russia’s demonization is estimated, one can say that preparation to a real war is taking place. As such acts are usually undertaken at the forefront of a war.’

Genetic Fuzzy based Artificial Intelligence for Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle Control in Simulated Air Combat Missions

Por • 29 jun, 2016 • Category: sociologia

Breakthroughs in genetic fuzzy systems, most notably the development of the Genetic Fuzzy Tree methodology, have allowed fuzzy logic based Artificial Intelligences to be developed that can be applied to incredibly complex problems. The ability to have extreme performance and computational efficiency as well as to be robust to uncertainties and randomness, adaptable to changing scenarios, verified and validated to follow safety specifications and operating doctrines via formal methods, and easily designed and implemented are just some of the strengths that this type of control brings. Within this white paper, the authors introduce ALPHA, an Artificial Intelligence that controls flights of Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles in aerial combat missions within an extreme-fidelity simulation environment. To this day, this represents the most complex application of a fuzzy-logic based Artificial Intelligence to an Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle control problem.

Elementary numerosity and measures

Por • 28 jun, 2016 • Category: Educacion

In this paper we introduce the notion of elementary numerosity as a special function defined on all subsets of a given set which takes values in a suitable nonArchimedean field and satisfies the same formal properties as finite cardinality. By improving a classic result by C.W. Henson in nonstandard analysis, we prove a general compatibility result between such elementary numerosities and measures.

¿De qué se trata el proyecto sobre Venezuela que está haciendo Harvard?

Por • 28 jun, 2016 • Category: Nacionales

Ricardo Hausmann 27 JUNIO, 2016. Desde finales de 2015, el Centro para el Desarrollo Internacional (CID) de la Universidad de Harvard ha venido desarrollando un proyecto de investigación sobre la difícil situación económica que atraviesa Venezuela. El objetivo del proyecto es generar la información y el conocimiento necesario para diseñar una estrategia de salida a la crisis. […]

Washington pressure pushing Moscow and Beijing closer

Por • 28 jun, 2016 • Category: Opinion

The visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to China and his talks with Chinese leader Xi Jinping again drew the attention of the international community to evolving relations among Russia, China and the US. Some experts believe that Russia and China are trying to create a new world order so as to replace the US as a global leader. Others claim that Russia and China are just trying to adjust themselves to the new emerging geopolitical configuration to make it more acceptable for both countries.

France and Germany to set up ‘superstate’ as recipe for EU’s collapse

Por • 28 jun, 2016 • Category: Internacionales

France and Germany plan to create a European superstate. The two countries already work on an adequate draft law, Polish TV channel TVP reports. The new superstate is said to replace the European Union. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier is to present the details of the project at the meeting with foreign ministers of the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski stated that the project could be a recipe for the disintegration of the European Union.

US pressure spurs closer Sino-Russian ties

Por • 28 jun, 2016 • Category: Política

Beijing and Moscow have confirmed that their relationship is not an alliance, and it is not aimed at a third party. The affirmation is not rhetoric, but their real deliberation. A China-Russia alliance, which will bring a game-changing impact on world order, is not in the interests of either side. They are more willing to develop all-out diplomacy and maintain a normal relationship with the Western world.

Reflexive measurements, self-inspection and self-representation

Por • 28 jun, 2016 • Category: Crítica

There exist limits of self-inspection due to self-referential paradoxes, incompleteness and fixed point theorems. As quantum mechanics dictates the exchange of discrete quanta, measurements and self-inspection of quantized systems are fundamentally limited.

Socio-economic inequality: Relationship between Gini and Kolkata indices

Por • 27 jun, 2016 • Category: Economía

Socio-economic inequality is characterized from data using various indices. The Gini (g ) index, giving the overall inequality is the most common one, while the recently introduced Kolkata (k ) index gives a measure of 1−k fraction of population who possess top k fraction of wealth in the society. Here, we show the relationship between the two indices, using both empirical data and analytical estimates. The significance of their relationship has been discussed.

A few remarks on the relationship between elementary particle physics, gravitation and cosmology

Por • 27 jun, 2016 • Category: Ciencia y tecnología

We discuss some current problems in the relationship between elementary particle physics and gravitation, i.e., in the subject investigated by Prof.~K.~P.~Staniukovich half a century ago. Specifically, the inflationary stage of the Universe evolution, originating from the vacuum polarization and particle creation, corrections to Newton’s gravitational law due to exchange of light elementary particles or spontaneous compactification of extra dimensions, and constraints on the parameters of axions as probable constituents of dark matter in our Universe are considered. It is pointed out that presently the relationship between elementary particles and gravitation has become an experimental science, and many experiments, directed towards resolution of all related problems, are performed in many countries.