Hemeroteca del mes octubre, 2016

Caracas: Gobierno y oposición inician este lunes cuatro mesas temáticas de trabajo

Por • 31 oct, 2016 • Category: Nacionales

TeleSUR   Caracas, octubre 31 – Cuatro mesas temáticas de trabajo se instalarán desde este lunes como resultado de los acuerdos del diálogo iniciado en Caracas entre el gobierno y la oposición en Venezuela. El enviado especial del Vaticano, monseñor Claudio María Celli, junto al secretario general de la Unión de Naciones Suramericanas (Unasur), dieron […]

Russia makes strong play to counter US influence with Vietnam, Cuba bases

Por • 30 oct, 2016 • Category: Ambiente

Russia’s plan to restore military bases in Vietnam and Cuba is closely connected to the country’s domestic and international situations, especially the deterioration of the Russia-US relationship. While the US has many partners in Europe and the Middle East, Russia, fighting alone in the region, is facing huge pressure, and has to open new fronts in Vietnam and Cuba by restoring military bases there. Russia has chosen a perfect time to announce its decision of seeking to reopen military bases in Cuba and Vietnam. There are only weeks before the US presidential election and there’s not enough time for President Barack Obama to take any major actions to influence Russia’s plan. Hanoi and Havana have not yet commented on Russia’s plan. Whether Russia’s military involvement in Vietnam and Cuba will be effective and benefit its national interests is a significant strategic issue. It remains to be seen whether Russia is just fighting a psychological and diplomatic war or truly intends to restore military bases in Vietnam and Cuba.

US gains as NATO ups Russian pressure

Por • 30 oct, 2016 • Category: Internacionales

It is NATO’s expansion that increased Russia’s feeling of being under the siege, which prompted it to react strongly. Russia does have a last card in hand – a military with nuclear capability. However, there is not much left Russia can do after being hit hard by an economic recession and the West’s aggressive pressure. Any military organization has a specific or potential target. Warplanes and cannons are not ornaments, as all military blocs are aimed at their enemies. Wherever there is a military bloc, the safety system can’t include all countries in the region, therefore the safety of a military alliance is always fragile because it represents danger to others. The US establishing military allies around the world to feel safe can only result in regional instability, a result which is clear in the South China Sea.

The energy-population conundrum and its possible solution

Por • 29 oct, 2016 • Category: Educacion

Oil prices above $100/barrel values have proven unaffordable for the world economy, while lower prices have proven unaffordable for unconventional oil sources, resulting in a frantic price swing since 2007-2008. We identify and combine for the first time the competing dynamics of oil price, economic growth and extraction costs in a single model aiming to evaluate the near-term consequences of these dynamics onto forthcoming oil supply. Policies able to cope with the consequences of the resulting energy scenario are suggested in the conclusions.

The Stubborn Reality of Jewish-Zionist Power

Por • 29 oct, 2016 • Category: Política

There is no more striking expression of this power, and of its grip on American political life, than the repeated spectacle of the men and women of this country’s political elite jumping up and down like puppets to frantically applaud the leader of the Jewish state when he visits Washington to address a joint session of the U.S. Congress. When the Israeli prime minister appeared before such a gathering last year, a BBC journalist observed: “Benjamin Netanyahu rocked the Capitol. His political stagecraft was unbelievable. He had them cheering, whooping and hollering. And that was before he’d said a word … It is hard to think of any other national assembly — including Israel — where Mr Netanyahu would be given such adulation … His script lines, his delivery and his message had U.S. congressmen and women leaping up from their seats like jack-in-the-boxes.”

A first thermodynamic interpretation of the technology transfer activities

Por • 28 oct, 2016 • Category: Economía

Ripandelli, U. Lucia Abstract: In the last years new interdisciplinary approaches to economics and social science have been developed. A Thermodynamic approach to socio-economics has brought to a new interdisciplinary scientific field called econophysics. Why thermodynamic? Thermodynamic is a statistical theory for large atomic system under constraints of energy[1] and the economy can be considered […]

A Direct Construction of Non-Transitive Dice Sets

Por • 28 oct, 2016 • Category: Crítica

In this paper, we give a direct construction for a set of dice realizing any given tournament T . The construction for a tournament with n vertices requires a number of sides on the order of n , which appears to be the best general construction to date. Our construction relies only on a standard theorem from graph theory.

Mass Generation, the Cosmological Constant Problem, Conformal Symmetry, and the Higgs Boson

Por • 28 oct, 2016 • Category: Ciencia y tecnología

Philip D. Mannheim Abstract: In 2013 the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Francois Englert and Peter Higgs for their work in 1964 along with the late Robert Brout on the mass generation mechanism (the Higgs mechanism) in local gauge theories. This mechanism requires the existence of a massive scalar particle, the Higgs boson, […]

Time in the theory of relativity: inertial time, light clocks, and proper time

Por • 28 oct, 2016 • Category: Opinion

In a way similar to classical mechanics where we have the concept of inertial time as expressed in the motions of bodies, in the (special) theory of relativity we can regard the inertial time as the only notion of time at play. The inertial time is expressed also in the propagation of light. This gives rise to a notion of clock – the light clock, which we can regard as a notion derived from the inertial time. The light clock can be seen as a solution of the theory, not as an independent concept, which complies with the requirement that a clock to be so must have a rate that is independent from its past history.

Venezuela: Will the army save the nation from chaos?

Por • 28 oct, 2016 • Category: Nacionales

Lyuba Lulko 27.10.2016. The Venezuelan Parliament stopping the procedure of the referendum about the resignation of President Nicolas Maduro and urged the people for «rebellion.» The Brazilian precedent has thus become a practice, which can be referred to as a «legitimate illegal coup». Why is so hard for Washington to topple Venezuelan President Maduro? Legitimate illegal coup […]