Hemeroteca del mes enero, 2017

From Strings to Sets

Por • 30 ene, 2017 • Category: Filosofía

A complete proof is given of relative interpretability of Adjunctive Set Theory with Extensionality in an elementary concatenation theory.

Axiomatizing Mathematical Theories: Multiplication

Por • 28 ene, 2017 • Category: Educacion

Axiomatizing mathematical structures is a goal of Mathematical Logic. Axiomatizability of the theories of some structures have turned out to be quite difficult and challenging, and some remain open. However axiomatization of some mathematical structures are now classical theorems in Logic, Algebra and Geometry. In this paper we will study the axiomatizability of the theories of multiplication in the domains of natural, integer, rational, real, and complex numbers. We will review some classical theorems, and will give some new proofs for old results. We will see that some structures are missing in the literature, thus leaving it open whether the theories of that structures are axiomatizable (decidable) or not. We will answer one of those open questions in this paper.

Reverse Formalism 16

Por • 28 ene, 2017 • Category: Ambiente

In his remarkable paper Formalism64, Robinson defends his philsophocal position as follows: (i) Any mention of infinite totalities is literally meaningless. (ii) We should act as if infinite totalities really existed. Being the originator of Nonstandard Analysis, it stands to reason that Robinson would have often been faced with the opposing position that ‘some infinite totalities are more meaningful than others’, the textbook example being that of infinitesimals (versus less controversial infinite totalities). For instance, Bishop and Connes have made such claims regarding infinitesimals, and Nonstandard Analysis in general, going as far as calling the latter respectively a debasement of meaning and virtual, while accepting as meaningful other infinite totalities and the associated mathematical framework. We shall study the critique of Nonstandard Analysis by Bishop and Connes, and observe that these authors equate ‘meaning’ and ‘computational content’, though their interpretations of said content vary.

Héctor Rodríguez: ¿Los problemas que hoy tenemos los va a solucionar una elección?

Por • 28 ene, 2017 • Category: Nacionales

ND / 27 ene 2017.- El diputado Héctor Rodríguez aseguró que el oficialismo participará en las elecciones “cuando las haya”. Sin embargo, comentó que en el Psuv la situación del país es “prioridad”. En entrevista en el programa A Tiempo de Unión Radio, el jefe de la fracción parlamentaria del Gran Polo Patriótico indicó: “El cronograma electoral […]

China dona 45 microbuses a la FANB

Por • 28 ene, 2017 • Category: Nacionales

El Nacional WEB 27 de Enero de 2017. Este viernes la Fuerza Armada Nacional Bolivariana (FANB) recibió 45 unidades de microbuses donados por el gobierno de China, producto del convenio de cooperación entre ambos países, informó el ministro para la Defensa, Vladimir Padrino López. El ministro destacó, durante  la actividad que se desarrolló en Fuerte Tiuna, la […]

Gobierno venezolano ha otorgado 280 mil viviendas a familias colombianas

Por • 28 ene, 2017 • Category: Nacionales

Agencias Bogotá, enero 27 – La activista colombiana de los derechos humanos Piedad Córdoba respondió hoy a los comentarios emitidos por el vicepresidente de Colombia este jueves, Germán Vargas Lleras, quien calificó a los venezolanos como “venecos” y ordenó a los alcaldes y gobernadores de Norte de Santander a que éstos (venezolanos) no sean favorecidos […]

«Aquí no habrá vivienda para los venecos»: Vicepresidente de Colombia en el Norte de Santander

Por • 28 ene, 2017 • Category: Nacionales

Agencias- Aporrea.org  Caracas, enero 27 – Desde Tibú, norte de Santander, el vicepresidente Germán Vargas Lleras descalificó a los venezolanos y se refirió a las viviendas gratis del Gobierno colombiano, afirmando que “esto no es para los venecos”, reportó el portal de Blu Radio.  El funcionario afirmó que las viviendas se deben entregar a la […]

Ockham’s razor and the interpretations of quantum mechanics

Por • 28 ene, 2017 • Category: Opinion

Ockham’s razor is a heuristic concept applied in philosophy of science to decide between 2 or more feasible physical theories. Ockham’s razor operates by deciding in favour of the theory with least assumptions and concepts, roughly speaking the less complex theory. Could Ockham’s razor not easily treat the different interpretations as theories and decide in favour of the one with fewest assumptions? We provide an answer to this question by means of examples of applications in literature and the discussion of its historical origin. We review the historical context of Ockham’s razor and its connection to medieval philosophical struggles, discuss the essence of its parsimonious core and put it in relation with modern struggles in the context of interpretational issues in quantum mechanics.

The conception of photons

Por • 28 ene, 2017 • Category: Crítica

In the year 1900 Max Planck was led by experimental observations to propose a strange formula for the intensity as a function of frequency for light emitted by a cavity made in a hot substance such as a metal. It relied on peculiar properties to be obeyed by the emitters and absorbers in the cavity. I highlight the mathematically suggestive nature of the formula that could have provided a clue to the physical reasoning. In 1905, Einstein made the bold photon and was able to predict the formula for the photoelectric effect. The first part of this article concerns the period 1905 to 1923 of the difficulties in acceptance of the photon concept.

Quantum theory from rules on information acquisition

Por • 28 ene, 2017 • Category: Leyes

We summarise a recent reconstruction of the quantum theory of qubits from rules constraining an observer’s acquisition of information. This review of [arXiv:1412.8323, arXiv:1511.01130] is accessible and fairly self-contained, focussing on the main ideas and results and not the technical details. The reconstruction offers an informational explanation for the architecture of the theory and specifically for its correlation structure. In particular, it illuminates the origin of entanglement and monogamy. As a by-product, it also unravels new `conserved informational charges’ from complementarity relations that characterise the unitary group and the set of pure states.