Hemeroteca del mes marzo, 2018

Business Cycles in Economics

Por • 21 mar, 2018 • Category: Economía

The business cycles are generated by the oscillating macro-/micro-/nano- economic output variables in the economy of the scale and the scope in the amplitude/frequency/phase/time domains in the economics. The accurate forward looking assumptions on the business cycles oscillation dynamics can optimize the financial capital investing and/or borrowing by the economic agents in the capital markets. The book’s main objective is to study the business cycles in the economy of the scale and the scope, formulating the Ledenyov unified business cycles theory in the Ledenyov classic and quantum econodynamics.

US Threatens Sanctions Over Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline

Por • 21 mar, 2018 • Category: Crítica

Nord Stream 2 is a joint venture between Russia’s state gas giant Gazprom and five European companies, including France’s Engie, Austria’s OMV AG, Germany’s Uniper and Wintershall, as well as Royal Dutch Shell. Berlin and the EU have repeatedly expressed an interest in implementing the project. Speaking at a news briefing on Wednesday, US State Department spokesman Heather Nauert said that the White House opposes the Nord Stream 2 energy project, which she said rides roughshod over European energy security. “At the State Department, we have spent a lot of time speaking with our partners and allies overseas to explain to them the ramifications of CAATSA (the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act). And how an individual or a company or a country can run afoul against CAATSA and fall into sanctions. We don’t tend to comment on sanctions actions but we’ve been clear that firm steps against Russian energy export pipeline sector could — if they engage in that kind of business – they could expose themselves to sanctions under CAATSA,” she added.

Iraq War: How China Outpaced the US in the Struggle for Iraqi Oil

Por • 21 mar, 2018 • Category: Opinion

According to Boris Dolgov, senior researcher at the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Center for Arab and Islamic Studies, China’s pragmatic foreign policy in the region helps it counter the US bid for unparalleled dominance.”Relations between Beijing and Baghdad are based on economic pragmatism. [China] participates in the development of the oil industry in Iraq, promotes its investments, as well as financial and political interests. This policy brings success for China. The US cannot in any way prevent the growth of [Beijing’s] influence in the region, although [the Americans] are trying to solidify their presence in the [Middle East] with the use of force.”

Candidato Reinaldo Quijada: El “Petro” es una “estafa” más del gobierno de Maduro

Por • 21 mar, 2018 • Category: Nacionales

  Prensa Reinaldo Quijada 21 de marzo de 2018.-El candidato presidencial de la UPP 89, Reinaldo Quijada, denuncia que el “petro” sólo traerá más miseria, ruina, distribución desigual del ingreso nacional y otras perturbaciones propias de una moneda que es creada “de la nada” y no del “trabajo productivo”. Con estas afirmaciones refuta al Ministro […]

Revista Time: Rusia respaldó la creación del Petro

Por • 21 mar, 2018 • Category: Nacionales

Nueva York, 20 mar (EFE).- Las autoridades rusas respaldaron y ayudaron en la puesta en marcha de la criptomoneda venezolana “Petro” como una vía para evitar sanciones estadounidenses, según informó hoy la revista Time. La publicación estadounidense asegura que en la creación del “Petro” participaron no sólo empresarios rusos, algo que ya se sabía, sino […]

Las debilidades de Falcón

Por • 21 mar, 2018 • Category: Nacionales

  Manuel Isidro Molina 20/03/2018. Henri Falcón sueña con la Presidencia de la República. El audaz plan de su partido y quienes lo respaldan es aprovechar la enorme inconformidad nacional frente al detestable gobierno de Nicolás Maduro, para captar lo que todas las encuestas anuncian sería un masivo “voto castigo”. Pero no la tiene fácil. […]

Si gana las elecciones Henri Falcón entregará tarjetas de 25 dólares para adultos y de 10 para los niños

Por • 21 mar, 2018 • Category: Nacionales

Agencias Marzo 20 de 2018.- El candidato presidencial venezolano Henri Falcón prometió entregar tarjetas en dólares a los adultos y niños, en caso de ganar las elecciones del 20 de mayo en las que se enfrentará al jefe del Estado, Nicolás Maduro. Falcón presentó este martes en Caracas su comando de campaña y parte de […]

¿Es necesario el Axioma de Zermelo para comprender la teoría de la medida?

Por • 21 mar, 2018 • Category: Educacion

En este artículo estudiamos la relación que guardan entre sí el axioma de elección y la teoría de la medida y analizamos el papel que tiene el axioma para una comprensión plena de la teoría. El tema de la comprensión en matemáticas es muy extenso y ha sido ampliamente estudiado desde diversos puntos de vista; nosotros pretendemos abordar este tema desde dentro de la matemática misma.

China’s role on the peninsula remains vital

Por • 21 mar, 2018 • Category: Internacionales

The US assumption about China’s leverage on North Korea is primarily based on the North’s unilateral economic dependence on China. The logic follows that North Korea would abandon its nuclear and ballistic missile programs as long as China imposes sufficient sanctions. However, this linear and mechanical application of the linkage between economic advantage and security behavior is misleading. China’s national interest is a threefold combination, namely the maintenance and enrichment of the nuclear proliferation treaty on a global governance level, establishing Northeast Asian security mechanism on the regional governance level and a sound relationship and traditional friendship with North Korea on the bilateral level. Should the US respect China’s multiple interests and cooperate with China accordingly, the US would help China to achieve full impacts on all fronts. The US bilateral alliance system has been proven insufficient to address the North Korea issue. China’s role on the peninsula remains vital. The effectiveness of China’s leverage on North Korea is not unidimensional but demands timely and sustained cooperation from the US. It is time for China and the US to think big and innovatively look for convergence.

Spacetime is as spacetime does

Por • 19 mar, 2018 • Category: Leyes

Theories of quantum gravity generically presuppose or predict that the reality underlying relativistic spacetimes they are describing is significantly non-spatiotemporal. On pain of empirical incoherence, approaches to quantum gravity must establish how relativistic spacetime emerges from their non-spatiotemporal structures. We argue that in order to secure this emergence, it is sufficient to establish that only those features of relativistic spacetimes functionally relevant in producing empirical evidence must be recovered. In order to complete this task, an account must be given of how the more fundamental structures instantiate these functional roles. We illustrate the general idea in the context of causal set theory and loop quantum gravity, two prominent approaches to quantum gravity.