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De la nature du Temps

Por • 28 jul, 2018 • Category: Crítica

Quelques réflexions à propos de l’ouvrage « Le Second Principe de la Science du Temps »par Costa de Beauregard. Devons-nous attribuer au temps une existence objective ou est-ce la conscience qui introduit le temps dans l’univers? Ou bien faut-il introduire une multiplicité interne dans la notion de temps pour conclure que certains de ses aspects sont imposés par l’univers physique tandis que d’autres sont d’origine subjective.

An Explication of the Concept «Analogy»

Por • 28 jul, 2018 • Category: Filosofía

In this article we have tried to give an explicit interpretation to the concept «analogy», which, according to us-is used too often in an intuitive way without explicit definition. In this interpretation we have constructed a quantification function for analogy. This quantification function is dependant on a digital automaton but under certain conditions extendible to an analog automaton. We have tried to prove that this quantitative function is a distance function.

Complex Economic Activities Concentrate in Large Cities

Por • 28 jul, 2018 • Category: sociologia

Why do some economic activities agglomerate more than others? And, why does the agglomeration of some economic activities continue to increase despite recent developments in communication and transportation technologies? In this paper, we present evidence that complex economic activities concentrate more in large cities. We find this to be true for technologies, scientific publications, industries, and occupations. Using historical patent data, we show that the urban concentration of complex economic activities has been continuously increasing since 1850. These findings suggest that the increasing urban concentration of jobs and innovation might be a consequence of the growing complexity of the economy.

Quantum entanglement and the geometry of spacetime

Por • 28 jul, 2018 • Category: Ciencia y tecnología

This is a brief, popular-level introduction to holographic entanglement. It was published in the newsletter of the International Centre for Theoretical Sciences, Bangalore.

On the Origin of the Scale Constants of Physics

Por • 28 jul, 2018 • Category: Leyes

In this paper I put forward an approach to the problem of describing a particle in a field without assuming the space-time continuum. I deduce as much as possible from very simple assumptions concerning interactions between the elements of a « bootstrap >) type assemblage in which each particle in the assemblage is built out of the interactions of all the others. Interaction either exists (a situation denoted by the digit (1) or else it does not exist (denoted by the digit (0) and there is no other possibility. No dynamical properties are assumed for the particles beyond the discrete, all-or-none interactions, and dynamics, therefore, including the momentum concept has to be built later. The theory being proposed differs vitally in this respect from the bootstrap theories that are based on the S-matrix technique.

Les Métamorphoses d’Apulée et la Théorie Platonicienne de l’Erôs

Por • 28 jul, 2018 • Category: Ambiente

Depuis l’antiquité le célèbre roman d’Apulée de Madaure n’a cessé d’exercer sur le lecteur un charme particulier qui ne s’explique pas facilement (1). Le livre et l’auteur nous intriguent, nous choquent et nous déconcertent, tout comme ils ont déconcerté les premiers Pères de l’Église, et plus particulièrement saint Augustin (2). Dans la littérature latine, il semble bien que cette œuvre, sans précédent, soit restée unique en son genre. Même dans l’ensemble des romans que l’antiquité a produits, il faudrait encore lui réserver une place spéciale.

Trump Drops the Value of the EU as an Ally — to Zero

Por • 28 jul, 2018 • Category: Internacionales

Maybe we are misreading things. Not a small number of commentaries have suggested that President Trump intended for Helsinki to re-set the Kissinger-esque triangulation between the US, Russia and China. And there are good grounds for making such a hypothesis. At a 2015 press conference, Trump, himself, took the Kissinger line — that the US should always try to keep Russia and China divided, and never allied together against America Of course, what rankles most in America, and amongst European liberal elites, is the apparent according of moral equivalence of Putin to America, and to America’s intelligence capabilities. America believes it WON – it won the Cold War culturally, and in terms of its systems of government and economics. This ‘End to History’ hubris voided – in this ecstatic state – the need to treat Russia as other than a psychologically ‘defeated people’, (which they were not). What are the implications for Europe? For Europe this is a catastrophe. It means that US dialogue with Putin will continue. Where to run for the EU – to Washington or to Moscow? To remain loyal to an old suzerain or to try to adhere to a new one, before others get there first?

China to Test Fire New S-400 Missile Air Defense System in July or August

Por • 28 jul, 2018 • Category: Opinion

The PLA officially took ownership of the first S-400 unit last week, according to Russian media reports. The Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) and the Russian Federal Service for Military Technical Cooperation as well as the PLA have so far not publicly commented on either matter. Russia began delivering S-400 components, including launchers and mobile radar systems, to China in April. The last cargo shipment reportedly took place in early May. Russian personnel, specialized in operating the S-400 has been handing over the S-400 systems to the PLA over the past months, a process reportedly completed last week.

Leopoldo Puchi: Oposición y Gobierno; La gran tribulación

Por • 23 jul, 2018 • Category: Nacionales

22/07/2018. Transcurrido un período de altas tensiones en el que predominó en la oposición la idea de que el Gobierno sería derrocado por un golpe militar, una intervención extranjera, una implosión social o por los efectos de la abstención electoral, hemos pasado a una etapa de reflujo y de gran tribulación, tanto para el país […]

¿Qué es un partido de oposición?

Por • 23 jul, 2018 • Category: Nacionales

Elías Pino Iturrieta  22deJulio de 2018. Cuando fundó el Partido Liberal, en 1840, Antonio Leocadio Guzmán dedicó importantes espacios en su periódico para explicar de qué se trataba. Escribió de los partidos políticos en general, y de las razones que aconsejaban, por lo menos, la existencia de dos de ellos: uno del gobierno y otro […]