A defense and an improvement of Diodorus-Prior’s proof

Por • 10 sep, 2018 • Sección: Ambiente

Joseph Vidal-Rosset

Abstract. — This paper is a reply from an intuitionistic point of view to three criticisms made by Vuillemin [[4], pp. 8-14] against Prior’s logical reconstruction of Diodorus’ Master Argument (for short “Diodorus-Prior’s proof”). Indeed, the intuitionistic interpretation of Prior’s proof can rule out the first two criticisms and limit the scope of the third. Last, we prove that the conclusion of Diodorus’ Master Argument can be deduced from only one undischarged assumption, i.e. premise (A). This new proof is therefore an improvement of Didorus-Prior’s, because it shows clearly that premise (A) is incompatible with premise (C).


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