Algorithm for Resource Redistribution Required for Recovery of Society after Large Scale Disasters

Por • 4 oct, 2013 • Sección: Ambiente

Vasily Lubashevskiy, Taro Kanno, Kazuo Furuta

Abstract: The recovery of society after a large scale disaster generally consists of two phases, short- and long-term recoveries. The problem of short-term recovery is rather close to the problem of resilience in their goal, namely, bouncing the damaged system back to the operating standards. The present paper proposes an algorithm for the vital resource redistribution required for implementation of the short-term recovery. The developed model is based on the cooperative interaction of cities during the resource redistribution, ordering the cities according to their priority in resource delivery, and a generating a semi-optimal plan for the desired redistribution. Nonlinear effects caused by the city limit capacities are taken into account. Two types of systems, «uniform» and «centralized», are studied numerically. In particular it is demonstrated that the cooperation effects are able to shorten substantially the duration of the process required for its implementation.

arXiv:1310.0648v1 [nlin.AO]

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