Attempts to rethink Logic

Por • 16 abr, 2022 • Sección: Ambiente

Jeremy Heis

The period between Kant and Frege is widely held to be an inactive time in the history of logic, especially when compared to the periods that preceded and succeeded it. By the late eighteenth century, the rich and suggestive exploratory work of Leibniz had led to writings in symbolic logic by Lambert and Ploucquet. 1 But after Lambert this tradition ef ectively ended, and some of its innovations had to be rediscovered independently later in the century. Venn characterized the period between Lambert and Boole as “almost a blank in the history of the subject” and confessed an “uneasy suspicion” that a chief cause was the “disastrous ef ect on logical method” wrought by Kant’s philosophy. 2 De Morgan began his work in symbolic logic “facing Kant’s assertion that logic neither has improved since the time of Aristotle, nor of its own nature can improve.” 3

The Cambridge history of philosophy in the nineteenth century (1790-1870) / edited by

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