China Debates the Future Security Environment

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Michael Pillsbury

«In this carefully researched and well crafted .work, Dr. Michael Pillsbury has made another important contribution to our understanding of China’s strategic thinking. Those who blithely assume that optimistic American views of global trends are normal and widely shared will be startled and educated. Contemporary Chinese predictions about Japan’s ascendance and American decline will appear famalar but strangely anachronistic to those who recall the largely discredited American decltntst school of the late Cold War Other views will seem less famatar and even more disturbing, e.g., ideas about the high likelihood of fairly large-scale «local wars» in the next few decades, and the belief that the weaker local p{m2ers can prevaa over stronger, more distant ones If the former adopt innovative and active military strategies.» –Thomas J. Christensen, Massachusetts Institute of Tehnology

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