On Representational Redundancy, Surplus Structure, and the Hole Argument

Por • 22 abr, 2019 • Sección: Ambiente

Clara Bradley, James Owen Weatherall

We address a recent proposal concerning ‘surplus structure’ due to Nguyen et al. [‘Why Surplus Structure is Not Superfluous.’ Br. J. Phi. Sci. Forthcoming.] We argue that the sense of ‘surplus structure’ captured by their formal criterion is importantly different from—and in a sense, opposite to—another sense of ‘surplus structure’ used by philosophers. We argue that minimizing structure in one sense is generally incompatible with minimizing structure in the other sense. We then show how these distinctions bear on Nguyen et al.’s arguments about Yang-Mills theory and on the hole argument.

arXiv:1904.04439v1 [physics.hist-ph]

History and Philosophy of Physics (physics.hist-ph)

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