Pluralisme philosophique versus Logique intuitionniste

Por • 27 abr, 2018 • Sección: Ambiente

Joseph Vidal-Rosset (Université de Lorraine, Archives Poincaré, Nancy)

Pour Jacques Bouveresse

Abstract In a first time, this paper shows why the classification of philosophical systems defined by Vuillemin improves our understanding of the history of philosophy. I reply in a second time to embarrassments expressed by Bouveresse and Engel about the philosophical pluralism which is, according to Vuillemin, a consequence of the principles and definitions of his classification of philosophical systems. The main thesis of this paper is a conjecture: the philosophical pluralism is not a position that one is forced to admit if one adopts Vuillemin’s classification. Elements that should allow a proof of this conjecture are given in conclusion.

Keywords : Philosophy of logic, classical logic, intuitionnistic logic.


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