Production and Transfer of Energy and Information in Hamiltonian Systems

Por • 9 oct, 2013 • Sección: Ambiente

Ch. G. Antonopoulos, E. Bianco-Martinez, M. S. Baptista

Abstract: We present novel results that relate energy and information transfer with sensitivity to initial conditions in chaotic multidimensional Hamiltonian systems. We show the relation among Kolmogorov – Sinai entropy, Lyapunov exponents, and upper bounds for the Mutual Information Rate calculated in the Hamiltonian phase space and on bi-dimensional subspaces. Our main result is that the net amount of transfer from kinetic to potential energy per unit of time is a power-law of the upper bound for the Mutual Information Rate between kinetic and potential energies, and also a power-law of the Kolmogorov – Sinai entropy. Therefore, transfer of energy is related with both transfer and production of information. However, the power-law nature of this relation means that a small increment of energy transferred leads to a relatively much larger increase of the information exchanged. Finally, a relation between our results and important quantities of Thermodynamics is presented.

arXiv:1310.1223v1 [nlin.CD]

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