This Color Revolution Is A DNC Coup Against Constitutional Government

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By Joaquin Flores – Jun 4, 2020 – What we are witnessing in these riots is the destruction of the Democrat Party. Staging these protests was their Hail Mary, their half-court three point shot as the clock hits zero. These events are only meant to divide the people, create a breakdown of order, and create chaos.

From that chaos we would find a public reaction to the state’s actions that is blamed on the Oval Office, when it was local police chiefs appointed by Democrat mayors or National Guards under the orders of Democrat mayors who provoked the public the most.

Of course the policemen in the big cities, and guards are not themselves liberal. They aren’t particularly conservative either, at least not in their propensity to resort to violence first; here they are liberal with violence.

They are neither left nor right, the big city cops love big public spending when its on their toys and weapons of public terrorism. They loved the militarization of the force that Obama backed with all his power.

Just set them loose against the public, and the Democrats play good cop bad cop. Allow corruption and institutional misanthropy to fester while departments pretend to conduct ‘sensitivity training’, and then set them loose on the people after order is allowed to break-down on purpose. Then try to channel all those frustrations against ‘right wing things’ to support more Democrats who make ‘left wing promises’. Rinse, and repeat.

It divides the people among age lines, race lines, class lines, and geographic lines. 

The real reason people are looting is that people will always loot when there is a break-down of order. We are only being pedantic if we insist on pointing out that there are underlying conditions – unemployment, exclusion, alienation, nihilism, corruption, greed – exacerbate these. Those are unresolved problems that society refused to address. That’s already the ‘givens’ of the situation before going into it. Anyone playing with that fire already knows these are the givens.

By creating a society based on these tensions, a strategy of tension always works. This is why the ‘thin blue line’ ideology of police is always reified and appears to be true from the perspective of police culture.

Democrats are absolutely committed to destroying their party. They are attacked by the Trump side for being socialists, when at the same time their lack of legitimacy among their own base is the result of their decidedly anti-socialist and pro-corporatist politics.

The Democrats have intentionally soiled the public’s perception of how public spending works, precisely because they have always used it in the most corporatist and misanthropic, divisive way possible. It would be too easy to create a type of public spending that would message correctly to Heartland America. Messaging is done all wrong intentionally, and critics are almost always right in pointing out the latent corruption in the lobbyist-expenditure system.

Trump partly destroyed the Republican Party. It exposed rats like McCain and Bush and showed how these neocons were part of the same team as Obama, Clinton et al.

Now its time to watch the Democrat Party now finish itself off. The Republican Party won’t be finished off until its deep state friends in the Democrat Party also implode. One requires the other.

The staging of the Event 201 live exercise of the lockdown and quarantine, as a cover narrative for a demolitioned economy, did not change the fact that unemployment skyrocketed throughout the country

And after 90 some days in quarantine and without the ability to work, and the shuttering of small businesses nation-wide, among the few things that congressional leaders could agree on was a bailout of the too-big-to-fail companies.

The protests we are seeing are against the lockdown and covid-19 political economy.

Trump’s initial proposal which bailed out the rich, also included a sum in payments that would have totaled $9,000 USD per household of three adults paid out over a three month period. Pelosi introduced a fight against that, proposed means testing and moneys instead to special interests who would precisely be involved in organizing.

American politics suffers a problem in that the small business and blue collar core of these parties bases are unable to speak a common language. The Color Revolution strategy exploits these differences to implement a strategy of tension. 

The economics of the plot against the people

The Color Revolution strategy must accompany an economic component. When directed at other countries by the US, it may be a period of economic sanctions that create more pressure on the government. Now this strategy is being used inside the US.

The manufactured economic collapse has created a social crisis that we are realizing now that lockdown is ending, but people don’t have money to spend (or jobs to earn with). From the POV of the powers that be, this is intentional as it slows down the velocity of money, in the present scenario a surge in velocity would create inflation. So the aim is to keep money out of people’s hands.

Keeping money out of people’s hands when they are also out of work, is a good way to create a social crisis that can then be used by interested parties to direct that malcontent towards target a particular office like the presidency, with the means of changing the whole government this way.

The social mayhem we are seeing now is manufactured. It is now is being operationalized to exploit the six primary intersecting demographics which predict divisions among the people:

geography, income, education, class, industry, and race.

This is so that a war of competing narratives makes impossible any meaningful common work at the level of the whole people against the elite.

Right now a part of the American public is being gaslit, where liberal media and deep state controlled DNC activism, are using the trauma of the economic collapse imposed on the country by the banks and speculators as a point of entry. Through the entry point of that trauma, another counter-narrative involving other on-going themes in the sphere can be injected, like for example that Donald Trump is a very bad man who is uniquely part of a problem.

The greater the trauma, the greater the ability to insert a counter-narrative into the thinking of the affected.  Some aspects of the plot are attributed to matters of race, when rather race is one factor across a series of intersecting factors.

Race as a Dividing Tactic

This focus on race funnels genuine discontent from the Covid-19 scamdemic and the way it hit urban communities through the lockdown, as a discontent directed towards Americans of the heartland who resisted the lockdown through the use of protests and militia groups.

Conservative media may report on a public expenditure figure of money spent on urban centers, out of proper context being the economic impact of Covid political-economy.

The natural component of this protest is fueled by the whole overarching socioeconomic condition imposed through Covid political-economy.

Now that some of the Democrat strongholds in the country are staging violent riots to make further unity of the people a difficult task, as agent provocateurs hide in the Antifa ranks,  we are confronted with Antifa being labeled a terrorist organization.  We explained how it was the least worst option and posed the potential to salvage BLM.

Therefore the power operating the Color Revolution strategems must work to divide the presentation and understanding of urban communities in the way that provokes the worst reaction from people across the the heartland.

We should expect very soon some dixie-flag waving stunt to be staged, or some neo-nazis to say ‘heil Trump’. This will be said to be a reaction to events transpired during the protests.

Then, Antifa may try to react, and how that goes down will involve a response from the president. This in turn will provoke a response, and so on.

Which is why the categorizing of Antifa as a terrorist group is appropriate because its violence is openly directed towards the forcible overthrow of the executive administration and its cabinet.

There are two BLMs at least, one is most certainly backed by powerful and moneyed, Democrat Party connected NGO philanthropy from among the usual suspects. Think George Soros et al. For its followers however, it is a hashtag, not a structured organization with accountable leadership or ‘bonafide’ membership.

But it is an organization nonetheless, just one with magically appointed leaders that are agreed to by the Deep State and social-media managers. These leaders are not electable nor recallable.

The holy grail in a genuinely populist movement would surround the agreed interests of labor and small and medium sized businesses that are not publicly traded.

What we are seeing now through the Instagram ‘blackout’ has been a broad discussion in the black community of social media about the real history of Joe Biden. Across Instagram, more and more black people are referring to the Democrat Party as a plantation. Issues like abortion seem to resonate with the black community along conservative lines, in particular considering the history of abortion being used as a eugenics and population control effort within their community. Biden’s role in the Clinton crime bill of ’94 is also a major consideration.

The labeling of Antifa as a terrorist group opens up a method to remove those behind that same networks who have influence on BLM, and control a whole wing of it and also, because of Jack Dorsey, have the most preferred and largest BLM accounts on the media’s website.

This will be realized as a direct fight with Twitter and Jack Dorsey. If that fight goes well for team Trump, then we will see more presence of black republicans, not traditionally conservative in terms of Jim Crow etiquette, make tremendous headway in gathering numbers and growing their audience.



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