Five stages of accepting constructive mathematics

Por • 27 sep, 2017 • Sección: Ciencia y tecnología

Andrej Bauer 

Abstract: On the odd day, a mathematician might wonder what constructive mathematics is all about. They may have heard arguments in favor of constructivism but are not at all convinced by them, and in any case they may care little about philosophy. A typical introductory text about constructivism spends a great deal of time explaining the principles and contains only trivial mathematics, while advanced constructive texts are impenetrable, like all unfamiliar mathematics. How then can a mathematician find out what constructive mathematics feels like? What new and relevant ideas does constructive mathematics have to offer, if any? I shall attempt to answer these questions.

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Published electronically: October 3, 2016 


MSC (2010): Primary 03F65 

Journal: Bull. Amer. Math. Soc. 54 (2017), 481-498

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