Bohmian Non-commutative Dynamics: History and New Developments

Por • 29 mar, 2013 • Sección: Educacion

B. J. Hiley

Abstract: The reality of Bohm’s intellectual journey is very different from what is often claimed by the proponents of «Bohmian Mechanics» and others as we will explain in this paper. He did not believe a mechanical explanation of quantum phenomena was possible. Central to his thinking, and incidentally to Bohr’s also, was the notion of ‘unbroken wholeness’, a notion that is crucial for understanding quantum properties like quantum nonlocality. His proposals were based on a primitive notion of `process’ or `activity’, producing a more ‘organic’ approach to quantum phenomena. He published many papers outlining these new ideas, some plausible, some less so, but was not able to develop a coherent mathematical structure to support the work. Over the last ten years much of that missing mathematics has been put in place. This paper will report this new work, concentrating on providing a coherent overview of the whole programme.

arXiv:1303.6057v1 [quant-ph]

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