Categorías. Los 30 primeros años

Por • 30 abr, 2014 • Sección: Educacion

Eduardo J. Dubuc

Abstract: This Note describe my own recollection of the first 30 years of Category Theory, it is not the result of any historical investigation. The choice of concepts and its evaluation is my own, necessarily subjective. It follows a chronological line along the 21 references in the bibliography. It is a faithful version, based on 10 manuscript transparencies utilized at a conference given in October 2013 at the fourth ENHEM (Escuela Nacional de Historia y Educacion Matematica) congress in Cali, Colombia. As such, its content is bounded by time, and it does not include anything that was not said there. Texto en castellano.

arXiv:1404.6240v1 [math.HO]

History and Overview (math.HO); Category Theory (math.CT)

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