Difference between three quantities

Por • 30 sep, 2012 • Sección: Educacion

Robert M. Yamaleev

Abstract: The notion of difference between two quantities plays a basic role in mathematics, consequently in all branches of human activity where the mathematics is applied. However the long stand question is: what is the difference between three (or more) quantities? The binary operation [a,b]=(a-b) possesses the following principal feature: with respect to the third quantity (c) this operation is decomposed into a sum of the same operations between (a) and (c), and (c)and (b), i.e., [a,b]=[a,c]+[c,b]. Denote by [a,b,c] difference between three quantities (a,b,c). With respect to additional quantity (d) this definition of the difference has to possess with the following property [a,b,c]=[d,b,c]+[a,d,c]+[a,b,d]. We prove that this property of difference between three (or n>2) quantities is satisfied by one of the features of Vandermonde determinant.

arXiv:1209.5012v1 [math.HO

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