Education for Computational Science and Engineering

Por • 25 feb, 2011 • Sección: Educacion

Joseph F. Grcar

 Abstract: Computational science and engineering (CSE) embodies President Obama’s challenge for the future, «ours to win.» For decades, CSE has been misunderstood to require massive computers, whereas breakthroughs in CSE have historically been the mathematical programs of computing rather than the machines themselves. Whether scientists and engineers become inventors who make these breakthroughs depends on circumstances and their educations. The USA currently has the largest CSE professorate, but the data suggest this prominence is ephemeral. Just one-third of the universities with very high research activity have formal programs for CSE education, and many smaller countries with strong manufacturing sectors have more CSE educators per capita. Considering the contributions that CSE has made which enable all manner of commercial, consumer, medical, military, and scientific devices and the associated industries, the future appears to be ours to lose.


Cite as: arXiv:1102.4651v1

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