Explanation and Randomness

Por • 29 mar, 2014 • Sección: Educacion

José Luis Rolleri

Resumen The aim of this paper is to elaborate a notion of explanation which is applicable to stochastic processes such as quantum processes. The model-theoretic approach was adopted in order to delimit appropriate classes, by defining set-theoretical predicates, of different kinds of physical transformations that quantum systems suffer, either of transitions or of transmutations, by interaction or in a spontaneous manner. To explain a singular quantum process consists in showing that it is feasible to model it as an indeterministic process of certain specified kind.

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Theoria: Revista de teoría, historia y fundamentos de la ciencia, ISSN 0495-4548, Vol. 25, Nº 67, 2010 , págs. 59-73


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