Pure exact structures and the pure derived category of a scheme

Por • 28 ago, 2014 • Sección: Educacion

Sergio Estrada, James Gillespie, Sinem Odabaşi

Abstract: Let C  be closed symmetric monoidal Grothendieck category. We define the pure derived category with respect to the monoidal structure via a relative injective model category structure on the category C(C)  of unbounded chain complexes in C  . We use λ  -Purity techniques to get this. As application we define the stalkwise pure derived category of the category of quasi–coherent sheaves on a quasi-separated scheme. We also give a different approach by using the category of flat quasi–coherent sheaves.

arXiv:1408.2846v1 [math.CT]

Category Theory (math.CT)

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