The role of Symbolic Lenguage on the Transformation of Mathematics

Por • 30 nov, 2016 • Sección: Educacion

Maria Rosa Massa Esteve

Abstract. One important factor to be considered in the process of algebrization of mathematics is the emergence of symbolic language in the seventeenth century. Focussing on three works, In Artem analyticen Isagoge (1591) by François Viète (1540-1603); Cursus Mathematicus (1634-1637-1642) by Pierre Hérigone (1580-1643) and Geometriae Speciosae Elementa (1659) by Pietro Mengoli (1626/7-1686), in this article we analyse two relevant aspects of symbolic language: the significance of the notation in the symbolic language and the role of Hérigone’s new symbolic method. This analysis allows us to better understand the role played by this circulation of ideas in the formative process of symbolic language in mathematics


Philosophica 87 (2012) pp. 153-193 

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