Three logicians: Aristotle, Saccheri, Frege

Por • 25 jun, 2020 • Sección: Educacion

Ignacio Angelelli

Foreword In this note I will comment on two episodes from the complex history of logic, involving Aristotle, the father of logic, and two later figures: Saccheri and Frege. Each episode may be viewed as an attempt to revise and improve the Aristotelian legacy. Saccheri wants to purify the method of interpretations, Frege wants to purify the notion of predication. To understand logic we need some insight into its history, and to write on the history of logic we need some previous understanding of logical theory. This is not an inhibiting circularity— it is, simply, a twofold requisite, unavoidable for any discipline of a foundational type.

Ignacio Angelelli Philosophy Department The University of Texas at Austin Austin, TX, 78712 0.

Acta philosophica, (Roma) 7, 1998, 115-120

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