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Por • 11 jul, 2011 • Sección: Filosofía

Florin Moldoveanu

In a series of very interesting papers [1-7], Joy Christian constructed a counterexample to Bell’s theorem. This counterexample does not have the same assumptions as the original Bell’s theorem, and therefore it does not represent a genuine disproof in a strict mathematical sense. However, assuming the physical relevance of the new assumptions, the counterexample is shown to be a contextual hidden variable theory. If Bell’s theorem’s importance is to rule out contextual hidden variable theories obeying relativistic locality, then Joy Christian’s counterexample achieves its aim. If however contextual hidden variables theories are not considered genuine physically theories and Bell’s theorem’s importance stems from its ability to be experimentally confirmed, then Joy Christian’s counterexample does not diminish the importance of Bell’s theorem. The implications of Joy Christian’s counterexample are discussed in the context of information.



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