Hegel’s solution to the problem of Being

Por • 30 ago, 2018 • Sección: Filosofía

Frank J. Kelly

Introduction The purpose of this paper is to explain Hegel’s solution to the most fundamental problem of traditional metaphysics – how Being is absolute in its nature and also relative in its determinations. Two types of traditional approaches had been utilized to resolve the problem of Being: via immanence and via transcendence. Hegel was familiar with Spinoza’s approach through immanence by which relative determinations (i.e., modes) are reducible to an Absolute Substance in which they subsist. Hegel was also cognizant of Kant’s approach through transcendence by which the absolute is posited as the Unconditioned condition for .relative determinations and remains unknowable through consciousness. In other words, one approach joins the relative determinations of being to their Absolute; while the other approach separates Absolute Being from relative being. This paper contends that Hegel’s approach to the problem of Being encompasses both these previous approaches in order to provide a final solution to the problem.


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