Metaphysics Between Contradictions and Paradoxes:Some Whiteheadian remarks

Por • 3 oct, 2022 • Sección: Filosofía

Michel Weber

Abstract In order to contextualize the stakes of some of the most venerable philosophical conundrums, it is expedient to remember Whitehead’s own adventures of ideas. Five steps are important to do understand why is Whitehead the post-modern Plato: (i) how does he differentiate metaphysics and cosmology? (ii) what does “onto-logic” involve? (iii) why should we articulate the coherence and applicability of any philosophical system? (iv) what are, in a nutshell, the specificities of Whitehead’s ontology? (v) how does radical empiricism provide elements of a solution to contradictions and paradoxes? Since I have already published on all these matters, only a synoptic reminder of these issues is provided here.

Keywords:  Whitehead, Paradoxes, Contradictions

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