Negativity Hegel ‘s solution to question of philosophical system in the Preface of the Phenomenology of Mind 

Por • 31 mar, 2019 • Sección: Filosofía
Christoph Asmuth   
The profound idea that Hege! introduces and develops in the Phenomenology of Mind is to be found in his discovery of the significance of negativity. Here negativity is more than just a merely formal procedure that we could equally well describe using the rather tired word «dialectic». Rather, negativity is a concept that describes reality itself. On the one hand it represents reality as subject, since it expresses the principle that the real enters into a relation to itself rhrough a process of negarion. Something is the Other to itself, thus intrinsically marked by negation; thus it not simply there, simply present in existence, but rather exists as self-relarion through this Other. On the other hand negativiry describes reality as dynamic, as suffering and transience. Truth, reconciliation, and infinitude have to first develop and assert themselves against this negativity. Thus Hege! conceives reality not merely as an abstract unity or as an abstract opposition, but rather as a dynamic and generative potency that first makes the creative power of mind understandable along wirh the development of the concept and life itself in all its multifariousness.

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