Old versus new paradigm simplicity

Por • 30 jun, 2011 • Sección: Filosofía


Established idea-sets may not update seamlessly. The tension between new and old views of nature is documented even in Galileo’s dialogs, and today is present in many fields. One way to reconcile these perspectives is to consider the algorithmic simplicity of paths from {\em various} starting points to one goal. We illustrate with a look at two such simplifications: The move from {\bf Lorentz-transform to metric-equation} descriptions of space-time, and the move from {\bf classical to statistical thermodynamics} with help from Boltzmann’s choice-multiplicity & Shannon’s uncertainty. Connections of the latter to {\bf correlation measures} behind available work, model selection, and layered complexity are also explored. This approach may help to constructively channel tension in other areas too.
Fuente: http://arxiv.org/abs/1106.4698

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