Truth as a mathematical Object

Por • 3 ene, 2022 • Sección: Filosofía

Jean-Yves Beziau 

Abstract. In this paper we discuss in which sense truth is considered as a mathematical object in propositional logic. After clarifying how this concept is used in classical logic, through the notions of truth-table, truth-function and bivaluation, we examine some generalizations of it in non-classical logics: many-valued matrix semantics with three and four values, non-truth-functional bivalent semantics, Kripke possible world semantics.

Keywords: Truth, truth-table, truth-function, bivaluation, many-valued logic, paraconsistent logic, possible worlds

Jean-Yves Beziau Federal University of Fortaleza/CNPq

April 2010 Principia an International Journal of Epistemology 14(1)

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