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G7 Summit should read BRICS Beijing Declaration carefully: Global Times editorial

Por • 1 jul, 2022 • Category: Internacionales

Unsurprisingly, the successful BRICS Summit with China holding the rotating presidency has sparked some twisted interpretations in the US and Western public opinion. It’s worth noting that their main attention has been paid to driving a wedge among BRICS countries. In particular, they did a lot of work trying to stir India up. It is very likely that the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the pandemic have made them think they could have a chance to sow discord among BRICS countries. However, BRICS states haven’t gone ahead as they designed, let alone to be misled or divided.

FM meets Indian Ambassador, says China, India ‘should speak for developing countries together’

Por • 27 jun, 2022 • Category: Internacionales

China and India’s common interests far outweigh differences and the two countries should jointly address various global challenges, and safeguard their common interests as well as interests of developing countries, said Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi against the backdrop of Western efforts to sow discord in China-India relations and weaken the joint force of new economies at the ongoing BRICS summit.

India-Iran Reset Gets Under Way

Por • 24 jun, 2022 • Category: Internacionales

The trend toward multipolarity in the world order made a quantum leap in the past one hundred days. The four-day visit to India by Iran’s Foreign Minister Dr. Hossein Amir-Abdollahian on June 8-11 can be seen as an exploratory attempt by the two countries to reset their relationship, aligning it with the changing times in regional and international politics. New opportunities are arising for both countries. Both New Delhi and Tehran are conscious of the imperative to upgrade their ties. Aside meetings with his Indian counterpart S. Jaishankar and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, Amir-Abdollahian was also received by Prime Minister Modi, signifying the high importance Delhi attached to the visit.Modi has renewed his invitation to Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi to visit India at an early date. Delhi also sought to host a meeting of the India-Iran Joint Commission to flesh out new avenues of bilateral economic cooperation and develop a road map. Notably, the Indian side proposed the creation of a “strategic committee” to expand the ties in all spheres.

Dual Covid corruption scandals rock Vietnam

Por • 23 jun, 2022 • Category: Internacionales

Heads are rolling in Vietnam as investigations have led to high-profile Party expulsions and arrests of high-level government officials, military officers, health officials, and business executives, shining new light on the country’s endemic institutional corruption.Apart from domestic political concerns, graft and corruption represent major roadblocks for Vietnam’s future development. Vietnam has been a winner in the recent US-China trade war with manufacturers and foreign investors seeking alternatives to China. Vietnam is substantially dependent on foreign trade and continued integration with the global economy. Curbing corruption, which carries potential risk for investors, is thus an economic necessity as well as a political one. Two Covid-19-related corruption scandals have come to light in recent months involving high-level ministries including the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The twin scandals represent the largest corruption and abuse of power cases in recent memory in the one-party Southeast Asian country.

BRICS enables us to see a wider world: Global Times editorial

Por • 22 jun, 2022 • Category: Internacionales

We have seen that some countries have made a lot of noise and taken many actions in previous months to hinder world peace and development. In such a context, the upcoming BRICS summit will be of great value. Countries need security and the world needs development. The population of BRICS countries accounts for 41 percent of the world’s total, contributing 24 percent to world GDP and 18 percent to world trade. BRICS cooperation contains enormous energy to promote global development and demonstrates a bright future that we can expect.

Ukraine: Three messages from three capitals

Por • 14 jun, 2022 • Category: Internacionales

The real issue here is the duration of the war. A frictional, slow, scorched-earth clash would become crucial not for the Ukrainian front but the Italian, French, or German front. If the Russian army does not achieve military successes in the field, the echo of cannon fire will ring in Western Europe. It may shake the determination to supply Ukraine and help unravel the knot Moscow has gotten itself into. This solution, however, as we have seen, would sink Europe under Moscow.

Japan’s Kishida buckles on a war helmet

Por • 13 jun, 2022 • Category: Internacionales

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida was hardly considered a neo-samurai when he took office in October 2021. But nearly eight months into the former diplomat’s tenure, his pivot to security matters is unmistakable. On June 8, his cabinet approved a fiscal plan that would massively raise defense spending. While the document deployed typical bureaucratic jargon to add opacity, it made clear that the aim was to lift Japanese defense spending to the level of NATO countries – i.e. 2% of GDP, double its current level.

What’s taking Russia so long in the Donbass?

Por • 9 jun, 2022 • Category: Internacionales

Less than four months into the Ukraine war, the cutting edge of Russia’s sword is looking not just bloodied, but battered and blunted. On the key front in the Donbass, Russian firepower dominates the battlefield, obliterating Ukrainian villages, towns, cities and defenses, while blasting holes in the morale of outgunned defenders. But this grinding big-gun assault is not being followed up by fast-moving boots or tracks on the ground. As such, it is failing to win major victories, as key communications lines and hubs continue to hold – despite the extraordinary vulnerabilities facing the Ukrainian battlefront.

Ukraine – The Situation (June 3)

Por • 8 jun, 2022 • Category: Internacionales

Russian forces that entered Severodonetsk in the Donbass on May 30 now control most of the city. Ukrainian defenders backing out of the city have yet to decide on whether or when to drop the three bridges across the Donets River to the twin city of Lysychansk to the West.

5:38 (BOG) Joe Biden confirmó que enviará a Ucrania armas de largo alcance

Por • 6 jun, 2022 • Category: Internacionales

El presidente de Estados Unidos, Joe Biden, acordó proporcionar a Ucrania «sistemas avanzados de cohetes» como parte de un paquete de armas por valor de 700 millones de dólares, que se espera sea presentado este miércoles. Ese tipo de artefactos de fuego tienen la capacidad de atacar con precisión objetivos rusos de largo alcance. Altos funcionarios señalaron que Washington enviará las armas de artillería de alta movilidad luego de que Kiev prometiera que las utilizaría para defenderse dentro de su propio territorio, pero que no lanzaría asaltos hacia suelo ruso.