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Did Trump just cancel a potential double-war?

Por • 31 may, 2020 • Category: Internacionales

The tone in China is also changing, especially since the US has now launched a major anti-China strategic PSYOP. In other words, the USA is merrily continuing down its current road which leads it to a simultaneous confrontation with not one, or even two, countries, but with a list of countries which seems to grow every day. So while it is true that in this case Trump appears to have canceled two wars, we should not assume that he won’t soon start one, if only to deflect the blame for his total mismanagement of the COVID19 crisis. Should that happen, we can only hope that all the “resistance countries” and movement will provide as much support as possible to whomever the Empire attacks next.

Ministro de Defensa chino: Confrontación estratégica con EEUU entró en período de ‘alto riesgo’

Por • 27 may, 2020 • Category: Internacionales

El ministro de Defensa chino, Wei Fenghe, afirmó durante un panel de discusión paralelo a la Asamblea Popular Nacional (ANP, Legislativo) que «la confrontación estratégica entre China y Estados Unidos ha entrado en un periodo de alto riesgo». Por ello, agregó Wei, China debe fortalecer su espíritu de lucha, atreverse a luchar y ser bueno luchando, e instó a «usar esta batalla para promover la estabilidad».

US, China could be sleepwalking into a new war

Por • 24 may, 2020 • Category: Internacionales

Xunzi seems to suggest to us, loyalty and control need their apparent opposite, disobedience and freedom, to be true. This is simply because the ruler has limited knowledge, and he needs greater access to different opinions, something that can be achieved only through free and unhampered debate. That is, in the next few months, in the middle of the presidential campaign it is hard for the US to come up with a new strategy on China that will find ample consensus in Washington. This gives China a few precious months to find ways to start initiatives to defuse tensions and set bilateral ties on a new path. Will Beijing do it? And most importantly, even if Beijing will be able to come up with a new plan in the next couple of months, will Beijing’s offer meet the mood in Washington? It looks all very difficult, and even more so without brakes as the cart is gaining speed day after day in the dreamy, slippery slope of epidemic, economic depression and growing tensions.

China’s countermeasures ready for prolonged ‘war’ with US: Global Times editorial

Por • 18 may, 2020 • Category: Internacionales

The environment for China’s peaceful development has changed greatly. China’s domestic and foreign policies must also adjust. US suppression has become the No.1 challenge to China’s development. For quite a long time, we need to release our strength to destroy US bluster. As the US is in a more technologically advantageous position, China will be compelled to face a tough time. During this period, unfavorable elements in the international community will increase. For instance, some countries and their forces will make a bargain by exploiting China’s unfavorable position, which will add to China’s cost of handling international affairs.

La entidad Sionista Israel promete proseguir con sus operaciones en Siria hasta que Irán se retire

Por • 12 may, 2020 • Category: Internacionales

Desde que comenzó el conflicto en Siria, en 2011, Israel ha llevado a cabo cientos de bombardeos en ese país contra las fuerzas del régimen y contra las de Irán y Hezbolá. Esas «operaciones» se han intensificado, bien «en reacción a una aceleración» de las actividades de Hezbolá y de Irán, o bien porque con «las repercusiones de la crisis del coronavirus y de la crisis económica [en Irán], algunos consideran que es el buen momento para incrementar» la presión, indicó Schweitzer este martes a la AFP. «También podría ser que se debiera a los dos factores a la vez».

«La OTAN está preparándose para rodear a China aplicando la Teoría de la Contención

Por • 6 may, 2020 • Category: Internacionales

La tensión entre EEUU y China va en escalada. El presidente Donald Trump acusa al gigante asiático de ser responsable por la pandemia del COVID-19 y de querer entorpecer su reelección. Desde China desmienten estas denuncias. La acusación contra China haciéndola responsable del COVID-19 inició pocas semanas después de detectarse el virus en la ciudad de Wuhan. De un video viral de una joven asiática comiendo sopa de murciélago, que fue descontextualizado y que provocó una ola xenofóbica mundial contra los chinos, se pasó a señalar a un laboratorio bioquímico de Wuhan y a declaraciones frontales de las máximas autoridades del Gobierno estadounidense, como lo hizo recientemente el secretario del Departamento de Estado, Mike Pompeo.

China could soon sink US in South China Sea

Por • 25 abr, 2020 • Category: Internacionales

The US Navy now faces a serious mismatch in Asia. One watched it happen as China cranked out four warships for every American one made over the last decade – and China keeps building more. Meanwhile, US ship numbers have barely budged and the American shipbuilding effort has been unimpressive, to put the situation charitably. Washington either gets things in order, or it should not be surprised if someday there’s a reprise of the HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse, but this time with American not British ships sinking into the sea.

OPEC+ deal resets and reshapes oil geopolitics

Por • 18 abr, 2020 • Category: Internacionales

A perfect deal is where all protagonists get something out of it. All oil-producing countries stand to gain if the oil price rebounds.It capped days-long tortuous international negotiations that also included the United States. Additional cuts are expected from producers outside the OPEC+ group. Experts anticipate that by the second half of the year, oil prices would be nearing US$40 per barrel. The world’s oil producers are joining together for the largest cooperative production initiative in history. The tectonic plates are shifting in the geopolitics of oil.

Inside the grave new world of Atomic AI

Por • 14 abr, 2020 • Category: Internacionales

AI is emerging as a key adjunct to nuclear capabilities. The technology, when integrated with nuclear arm platforms, “… has the potential to offer nuclear-armed states the opportunity to reset imbalances in capabilities, while at the same time exacerbating concerns that stronger states may use A1 to further solidify their dominance,” the report reads.

China and geopolitical revolutions that go viral

Por • 11 abr, 2020 • Category: Internacionales

Geopolitical clashes are gaining a momentum of their own, and it’s unclear whether it will stop even when, possibly in one year, a vaccine will be available and life should go back to normal.This is totally new for Beijing, it is not something it wanted and not something it was ready for, or even something to which past experiences could be of much help, Maoist China was closed to the outside world, and before that China was removed from global affairs. China needs a new way of thinking about itself and the world. The practical solution should be to adopt the current, western way of thinking of the world. But it’s unclear whether it will happen, how and when.