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Sino-US dialogue must address mutual concern

Por • 24 jun, 2017 • Category: Internacionales

One argument holds that Trump made a full concession to China as he sought China’s support for the North Korea issue, and if Beijing disappoints Washington, Trump would end the deal and abruptly change his attitude toward China. Noticeably, such a US-centered perspective, which is built on the belief that the US could absolutely dominate China-US relations and wantonly manipulate issues concerning China’s core interests, is arrogant and distorted. has made any concessions to China. Solving the North Korea nuclear issue requires joint efforts from both China and the US. Conflicts between the US and North Korea are the root cause for aggravating the problem. It’s an illusion that the issue can be resolved solely through China’s help. We hope the Chinese officials can present the Chinese public’s concerns to their US counterparts during the DSD talks. What is the US’ intention of deploying the anti-missile system in South Korea? How can the Pentagon assure it won’t target China? Why does Washington continue to instigate the South China Sea disputes despite the relevant claimants trying to calm the situation?

Kim Jong-un Isn’t Crazy and China Doesn’t Have a Solution

Por • 5 jun, 2017 • Category: Internacionales

No one who pays attention to the Korean Peninsula believes that there is an easy answer to the challenge of a nuclear North Korea. But finding solutions will become even harder if the problem is misdiagnosed. The North’s leaders, starting with founder Kim Il-sung, appear to be eminently rational. His son, Kim Jong-il, wore platform shoes, had bouffant hair, donned oversized sunglasses and was particularly easy to caricature (think “Team America”). Nevertheless, Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-il and descendent Kim Jong-un have skillfully wielded power, maintained control, deterred the United States and turned their small country into a Weltmacht of sorts.

Mission nearly accomplished: Russia lives in a circle of simmering conflicts

Por • 24 may, 2017 • Category: Internacionales

Until recently, many experts have shared a different point of view on the state of affairs on the Korean Peninsula. They admitted a likelihood for a small or even a big war to break out in the region due to North Korea’s provocative activities or America’s attempts to stop them. Yet, they preferred to turn a blind eye on the fact that the crisis could carry a direct threat to Russia. Yet, the problem of North Korea and its nuclear missile weapons is not a problem for the USA, South Korea or China – this problem touches upon Russia in the first place.

USA’s strategic game: North Korean nuclear weapons belong to China

Por • 13 may, 2017 • Category: Internacionales

A few days ago, North Korea accused Beijing of coming into an agreement with the US to increase pressure on Pyongyang to end North Korean nuclear and missile programs. Some analysts assumed that the North Korean administration stood up against China. If this is true, then the situation around the Korean nuclear missile problem becomes even more complicated.Yet, it appears that North Korea’s first criticism of China in decades has come as a smart game that the Chinese administration is playing. It would be an exaggeration to call North Korea a large self-governing province of China: all life in the DPRK depends on its large northern neighbour – China. Therefore, it would be correct to consider Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons as Chinese weapons: Beijing strategists have managed to acquire two nuclear arsenals. China’s nuclear weapons ensure the country a place among five world powers, members of the UN Security Council, but at the same time they are accountable to the IAEA and possessing nuclear weapons stipulates strict limitations and obligations that must be respected.

Sudamérica: el gigante de papel

Por • 27 abr, 2017 • Category: Internacionales

Para la Cepal la pregunta era si la asociación con China, sustentada en la exportación de recursos naturales, se correspondía al tipo de desarrollo que requería nuestra región. ¿Se trataba de una asociación basada en el entrecruce de vínculos productivos, en la innovación tecnológica y en la incorporación de conocimiento? La respuesta era claramente negativa en la medida en que el 90% de las exportaciones regionales a China estaba compuestas por recursos naturales y el 88,5% de las importaciones provenientes de China eran manufacturas. Si algo demuestra la situación actual es que ser un gigante en recursos naturales equivale a ser un gigante de papel.

Efe: Santos da giro de 180 grados y pasa de la neutralidad a la crítica directa contra Maduro

Por • 23 abr, 2017 • Category: Internacionales

La crisis de Venezuela, agravada por la violencia de los últimos días contra manifestantes de la oposición, ha marcado un punto de inflexión en la relación con Colombia, cuyo Gobierno ha pasado de la neutralidad a la crítica directa al régimen de Nicolás Maduro. “Sin lugar a dudas, mientras Venezuela jugó un papel fundamental en el proceso de paz, Santos tuvo que pasarse varios tragos amargos”, señaló a Efe el investigador Ronal Rodríguez, del Observatorio de Venezuela de la Universidad del Rosario de Bogotá. A su juicio, “ahora que ya el proceso de paz está en otro estado”, la “dependencia” de Venezuela para una estabilidad con las FARC, “es menor”.

En escalada de rol EEUU en Siria, Trump ordena ataque contra base aérea de Assad

Por • 7 abr, 2017 • Category: Internacionales

En una escalada del rol de Washington en Siria, dos buques de guerra estadounidenses dispararon decenas de misiles crucero desde el este del Mar Mediterráneo contra la base aérea controlada por las fuerzas de Assad, en respuesta al ataque con gas venenoso del martes en una zona controlada por los rebeldes, dijeron funcionarios. Frente a su mayor crisis de política exterior desde que asumió el cargo en enero, Trump adoptó la acción más severa de Estados Unidos en los seis años de guerra civil en Siria, lo que aumenta el riesgo de una confrontación con Rusia e Irán, que apoyan militarmente a Assad.

Naturally shaped Sino-US trade cannot be twisted

Por • 3 abr, 2017 • Category: Internacionales

The reality is that the US is already a high-tech nation and its competitiveness lies in its high-tech products. But the US is reluctant to export its cutting-edge technologies to China, which has considerably undermined its advantages in trade. Sino-US trade engagements are a natural process which benefits both.

Reexamining Russia’s Past

Por • 23 mar, 2017 • Category: Internacionales

The Russian Empire had a roughly 300 year run – much longer than the Soviet period. Russia’s pre-Soviet flag and coat of arms have been readopted in post-Soviet Russia, where there’re historical differences on the matters pertaining to this essay. As is true with many other Russians, Vladimir Putin appears to seek for his country what numerous others abroad desire for their respective nation. Specifically, a careful meshing of the best past attributes that can be successfully utilized in the present and future.

‘The World Is Too Important to Be Left to America’

Por • 8 mar, 2017 • Category: Internacionales

The appearance of every champion nation begins a new era. The China Age, at its most basic, will be an age of prosperity. In [early Chinese revolutionary] Sun Yat-sen’s evaluation of the West’s conception of Yellow Peril, he said that in the future, China’s era would not be one of Yellow Peril, but of Yellow Favor. The China Age will not be one in which China threatens the world, it will be one in which China enriches the world.