A mathematically derived theory of truth and its properties

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Seppo Heikkilä

Hannes Leitgeb formulated in his paper ‘What Theories of Truth Should be Like (but Cannot be) eight norms for theories of truth, and stated in p.8: “In the best of all (epistemically) possible worlds, some theory of truth would satisfy all of those norms at the same time. Unfortunately, we do not inhabit such a world.” In the present paper a theory of truth is derived mathematically. That theory is shown to satisfy well all those eight norms. Thus the choice over truth theories which don’t satisfy all those norms, or logic different from the classical one (cf., e.g., Section 2 of Leitgeb’s paper) seems not to be necessary. This makes the present trend to accept the choice over ‘alternative’ truths or facts less plausible.

arXiv:1708.00317v1 [math.LO]

Logic (math.LO)

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