Evolution: Life has Evolved to Evolve

Por • 10 feb, 2014 • Sección: Leyes

Michael W. Deem

Abstract: Jim Shapiro synthesizes a great many observations about the mechanisms of evolution to reach the remarkable conclusion that large-scale modification, exchange, and rearrangement of the genome are common and should be viewed as fundamental features of life. In other words, the genome should be viewed not as mostly read-only with a few rare mutations, but rather as a fully-fledged read-write library of genetic functions under continuous revision. Revision of the genome occurs during cellular replication, during multicellular development, and during evolution of a population of individuals. DNA formatting controls the timing and location of genetic rearrangements, gene expression, and genetic repair. Each of these events is under the control of precise cellular circuits. Shapiro reviews the toolbox of natural genetic engineering that provides the functionalities necessary for efficient long-term genome restructuring.

arXiv:1402.0468v1 [q-bio.PE]

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