Innovations in Statistical Physics

Por • 29 mar, 2014 • Sección: Leyes

Leo P. Kadanoff

Abstract: In 1963-71, a group of people, myself included, formulated and perfected a new approach to physics problems, which eventually came to be known under the names of scaling, universality, and renormalization. This work formed the basis of a wide variety of theories ranging from its starting point in critical phenomena, and moving out to particle physics and relativity and then into economics and biology. This work was of transcendental beauty and of considerable intellectual importance.
This left me with a personal problem. What next? Constructing the answer to that question would dominate the next 45 years of my professional life. I would try to:
* Help in finding and constructing new fields of science
* Do research and give talks on science/society borderline
* Provide helpful, constructive criticism of scientific and technical work
* Help students and younger scientists
* Demonstrate scientific leadership

arXiv:1403.6464v1 [physics.hist-ph]

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