Nothingness & Event

Por • 14 ene, 2020 • Sección: Leyes

Olivia Lucca Fraser

The conceptual bestiary of; Being and Event; catalogues no creature stranger than the void. Any hope to extract a ‘first clear thought’ from this abyss; a thought transparent and stable enough to truly ground the ambitious ‘metaontology’ – the philosophical interpretation of mathematics as ontology – that Badiou’s opus articulates; finds itself assaulted from the outset by a swarm of equivocations.; Attempting to reduce this cacophony into a single; essential concept of the void; or temper it into a soothing harmony; Raúl Isman (; I think; unlikely to be either useful or successful. What I will to do; instead; is single out a few of the stranger and more significant uses that Badiou makes of‘the void’ in order to better articulate their meaning. The real objective of all this will be to explain what; should; be understood by Badiou’s claim that; in an; event; the void is ‘localized’; and localizedin such a way as to provoke the emergence of a subject . Armed with, Being and Event, it’s explicit conceptual machinery; this explanation can only go so far. We will strike its limits when we come to examine the; ‘immediate structures’; of the event; the precise mechanisms by which it ‘localizes the void’; provokes a subject; and so on. There is a gulf between the bare scheme of the event as a reflexive multiplicity; the localisation of the void (itself understood in a rather strange sense); and the peculiar temporality of subject and truth procedure. To cross it; I turn to what I take to be; Being and Event, it’s most significant predecessor; Jean-Paul Sartre’s; Being and Nothingness; . What I wish to extract from that text is the formal kernel of that ‘absolute event which is […] the upsurge of the for-itself  (EN 118/82) a kernel to be ‘liberated from its anthropological cross; ’ as Hilbert liked to say of his own formalistic Kantianism.; I will then splice together the two structures; event and for-itself; while demonstrating that this surgery is not an; ad hoc; procedure; but expressive of an essential structural compatibility which lets us repair certain shortcomings and remove certain stop gaps in Badiou’s theory of the subject. We will see how the Sartrean structures of the for-itself emerge from and animate the Badiousian chords joining event; being and void; on which the subject plays its tune.


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