On the Origin of the Scale Constants of Physics

Por • 28 jul, 2018 • Sección: Leyes

Ted Bastin

In this paper I put forward an approach to the problem of describing a particle in a field without assuming the space-time continuum. I deduce as much as possible from very simple assumptions concerning interactions between the elements of a « bootstrap >) type assemblage in which each particle in the assemblage is built out of the interactions of all the others. Interaction either exists (a situation denoted by the digit (1) or else it does not exist (denoted by the digit (0) and there is no other possibility. No dynamical properties are assumed for the particles beyond the discrete, all-or-none interactions, and dynamics, therefore, including the momentum concept has to be built later. The theory being proposed differs vitally in this respect from the bootstrap theories that are based on the S-matrix technique.


Vol. 4, 1966


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