Quantization of Reality, another Epistemological Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics?

Por • 26 mar, 2021 • Sección: Leyes

Carsten Reese

The epistemological interpretation of quantum mechanics is still in an unacceptable status. This becomes obvious if looking on the variety of interpretations currently under discussion. However, the physical community together with philosophers seem not to be willing to really face the problem and to find an explanation for the oddness of the foundation of nature, as the mathematical treatment of quantum physics can be judged as finished and perfect for the use. The epistemology of quantum physics is often treated as a negligible side effect, not worth to put effort in, as any outcome will not affect the calculation results at all. For the sake of human curiosity and to get a better understanding of the universe we are living in, this attitude should be changed. A possibly interesting new approach is outlined in this article, which may help to adjust the focus.

arXiv:2103.03733v1 [physics.gen-ph]
General Physics (physics.gen-ph); Quantum Physics (quant-ph)

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