The future of paraconsistent logic

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Jean-Yves Beziau

Stefan Zweig has written a book called Brazil, country of the future, it does not seem that his prophecy has already been fulfilled and there is a typical Brazilian joke saying that Brazil is the country of the future and will stay so forever.

Maybe one can say a similar thing of paraconsistent logic. After its creation, nearly 50 years were necessary to organize a world congress on paraconsistency and there is still no textbook dedicated to it. For comparison, linear logic, only ten years after its creation, is already studied worldwide, and many linear congresses have been organized. But it is difficult to know what will happen. Maybe paraconsistent logic will last and linear logic is just a fashionable logic that nobody will remember in ten years. Or maybe paraconsistent logic will stay a controversial curiosity and linear logic will turn into the official logic, replacing classical logic, ruling our computers, wifes and money.

Or maybe paraconsistent logic and linear logic are only variations on the same theme as classical logic. Maybe in the future there will be more radical changes, a logical revolution similar to the Fregean one. A new conception of logic will take place relatively to which classical logic will look like syllogistic looks today relatively to classical logic, and paraconsistent logic and linear logic will look like the numerous variations and alleged improvements of syllogistic that were proposed during the 2000 years in-between Aristotle and Frege, that nobody, apart from historians and philologists, is interesting in today.

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