The Universe is Only Spacetime by John A. Macken

Por • 3 abr, 2013 • Sección: Leyes

How many component parts are required to construct the universe? The standard model has so many component parts that it is difficult to state a specific number. String theory has vibrating strings, branes, exchange particles and 11 dimensions. This book makes the case that everything in the universe can be formed from the single building block of 4 dimensional spacetime. However, this is not the quiet, smoothly curving spacetime envisioned by Albert Einstein. Instead, it is the composite of Einstein’s spacetime and the quantum mechanical spacetime filled with a tremendous energy density of quantum fluctuations. This book shows how all fundamental particles, forces and cosmology can be derived from this energetic 4 dimensional spacetime. The approach taken in this book is to build a new conceptual model of the universe that is compatible with the equations of quantum mechanics and general relativity but is based on the simplest possible starting assumption: The universe is only spacetime. 

The model of the universe described here not only is compatible with existing equations but goes further. For example, this model gives new insights into the forces of nature. Gravity is shown to be closely related to the other forces of nature. Simple equations show this close relationship and explain why gravity is such a weak force compared to the other forces. Inertia is derived and connected to the energy of fundamental particles. An electrical field is shown to be an unsymmetrical distortion of spacetime. Equations are derived that convert charge to a distortion of spacetime. Photons are shown to experience the same impedance as gravitational waves. A new cosmological model of the universe explains how the Big Bang and the expansion of the universe is the result of spacetime undergoing a transformation that continues today.

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