MAJOR: Venezuela Deploys Military To Columbian Border

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Joaquin Flores

CARACAS, Jan 29, 2019 – Venezuela is strengthening its positions on the border with Colombia. Army artillery units and tanks have been moved to the area to defend the country from any American intervention or similar.

Images were posted by residents of eastern Venezuela on social networks, images that show the movement of armored vehicles from the Venezuelan army to the border with Colombia.

Residents of eastern Venezuela posted videos showing the movement of armored vehicles from the Venezuelan army to the Colombian border.

A video was posted on a political activist’s Twitter account showing a military convoy that included Russian recently ordered 2S19 MSTA-S heavy artillery systems on the road to the Colombian border.

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Venezuela is strengthening its positions along the border with Colombia after the military threats made by the United States.

Since the failed coup of Juan Guaido, sponsored by the United States and the crisis it provoked in Venezuela, analysts put forward an assumption that the United States was considering withdrawing its military troops from Afghanistan and Syria to deploy them on the border between Colombia and Venezuela.

However, according to the Colombian Ministry of Defense, Colombia would not provide the United States with military bases so that they could launch a possible military invasion of Venezuela.

The US administration threatened the Venezuelan state directly. A warning was issued Sunday, Jan. 27, by Donald Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton, suggesting that the United States would provide a “meaningful response” to threats against “the opposition.”

 “Any violence and intimidation against the American diplomatic staff, the Democratic leader of Venezuela, Juan Guaido or the National Assembly itself, would represent a serious aggression against the rule of law and will result in a significant response,” tweeted John Bolton, Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is working to end the crisis in the country through preventive measures to block the path of intervention by the United States and their partners.

He enjoys the support of the people, having been elected in the 2018 elections, the army and the Supreme Court.

The Venezuelan Supreme Court immediately denounced the unilateral decision of the opponents while the army announced its support for Maduro: the Venezuelan army will defend the Constitution and the sovereignty of the country and will not recognize the president of the Parliament Juan Guaido in as president of the country, said Wednesday evening, at the very moment of the coup, the Minister of Defense Vladimir Padrino Lopez.

The events that occur in this Latin American country are not the result of chance. Some US administration officials say the wick was lit in December or more precisely when Russia said it wanted to buy a permanent military base in Latin America.

US President Donald Trump and his advisers believe that there is a triangle in Latin America (Brazil’s border with Argentina and Paraguay) that the Lebanese Hezbollah would benefit politically. and economically. The White House believes that if Hezbollah moved to the center of this triangle, it could become a “source of danger for the United States.”

Photo: We are ready to die for her! – Vladimir Padrino López, Minister of Defense, Venezuela


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