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Un novedoso ataque de reconstrucción a las estadísticas oficiales de comercio exterior, con un estudio de caso brasileño

Por • 1 jul, 2022 • Category: Opinion

En este artículo describimos, formalizamos, implementamos y evaluamos experimentalmente un nuevo ataque de reidentificación de transacciones contra publicaciones oficiales de estadísticas de comercio exterior en Brasil. El objetivo del ataque es volver a identificar a los importadores de transacciones de comercio exterior (al revelar la identidad de la empresa que realiza esa transacción), lo que en consecuencia viola el secreto fiscal de esos importadores (al revelar información sensible: el valor y el volumen de los bienes comercializados)

Steve Bannon Blasts Murdoch, Saying His Media Empire Is Dumping Trump For DeSantis

Por • 27 jun, 2022 • Category: Opinion

Former Trump White House strategist Steve Bannon is attacking Rupert Murdoch and his media empire for tossing aside Donald Trump in favor of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. “Fox News, Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Times of London, The Sun etc etc etc ― all lockstep against Trump,” Bannon wrote Wednesday on the right-wing Gettr social media platform. He also attacked the Murdoch family as “Australians via England — not American” who have “never sacrificed anything for this Country.” Murdoch became a U.S. citizen in 1984. Murdoch has “zero feel” for “America or Americans,” Bannon added.

Is India Playing a Double Game to Disrupt China’s BRI?

Por • 24 jun, 2022 • Category: Opinion

A recent surge in deadly terrorist attacks on China’s strategic partnership projects in Pakistan has raised concerns that a foreign sponsor may be orchestrating the violence. On one hand, the involvement of India in disrupting China’s BRI projects in Pakistan would seem to be implausible. The two economic giants are principal members of the BRICS nations along with Brazil, Russia and South Africa which are all advocating a multipolar world of trade partnerships. In many ways that coalition is seen as a challenge to the U.S.-led economic order. The BRICS are holding their 14th summit in China on June 22-24, hosted by Chinese President Xi Jinping. Indian premier Narendra Modi will be among the honored delegates. The question looms: is India doing Washington’s bidding by disrupting China’s strategic interests in Pakistan? The spike in more lethal terrorist attacks on Chinese infrastructure projects and nationals suggests an external force. Pakistani officials have indicted India’s covert involvement.

China banking scandal may involve US$6 billion

Por • 23 jun, 2022 • Category: Opinion

More than 400,000 depositors of six rural banks in central China’s Henan province are being urged to file their cases to banking regulators if they cannot withdraw their money, which reportedly totals 40 billion yuan (US$6 billion). The Public Security Bureau in Xuchang, Henan, said on Saturday that it had completed a preliminary investigation of Henan Xincaifu Group Investment Holding Co, which controls 13 rural banks and has illegally transacted deposits, and arrested a group of people and froze their assets. Xincaifu literally means “new fortune” in Chinese. The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC) said on April 30 it was highly concerned by the illegal online banking services operated by some rural banks in Henan. It said it would work closely with local regulators and government departments to investigate them.

A Chinese room shows Google’s LaMDA isn’t conscious

Por • 22 jun, 2022 • Category: Opinion

There is a caveat. A conscious AI, embedded in its surroundings and able to act upon the world (like a robot), is possible. But it would be hard for such an AI to prove it is conscious as it would not have an organic brain. Even we cannot prove that we are conscious. In the philosophical literature the concept of a “zombie” is used in a special way to refer to a being that is exactly like a human in its state and how it behaves, but lacks consciousness. We know we are not zombies. The question is: how can we be sure that others are not?

Los futuros de Darcy Ribeiro en un mundo sin futuro, por Fabricio Pereira y Andrés Kozel

Por • 22 jun, 2022 • Category: Opinion

Muchas de las consideraciones de Darcy, las teóricas, las proféticas y las catárticas, pueden relacionarse con elaboraciones muy actuales que cuestionan el impacto de las novísimas tecnologías en la subjetividad, la política y la cultura. Pensamos, por ejemplo, en Éric Sadin, en Byung-Chul Han, en Yuval Harari. No es exagerado decir que, en varias de sus predicciones, Darcy acertó o estuvo muy cerca de acertar. Al menos en el sentido de localizar, con sorprendente precisión, la mayoría de los temas que, tres o cuatro décadas después, definen las agendas del debate.

Unificación Relativa en Lógica Intuicionista: Hacia la lógica de demostrabilidad de HA

Por • 20 jun, 2022 • Category: Opinion

This paper studies relative unification and admissibility in the intuitionistic logic. We generalize results of [Ghilardi, 1999; Iemhoff, 2001a] and prove them relative in NNIL(par) propositions, the class of propositions with No Nested Implications in the Left made up from parameters. The main application of such generalization is to characterize provability logic of Heyting Arithmetic HA and prove its decidability [Mojtahedi, 2022].

Why did Jaishankar’s speech suddenly become popular in China?

Por • 13 jun, 2022 • Category: Opinion

While speaking on June 3 at the Globsec 2022 Forum in Bratislava, Slovakia, India’s External Affairs Minister Dr S. Jaishankar came down heavily on Europe—not only did he refute the criticism against India’s purchase of Russian oil, but also insisted that India could well manage its foreign policy on its own, refusing to act according to any pressures imposed on it. Jaishankar argued that the world cannot be as «Euro-centric» as it was in the past. Soon, his tough albeit witty words generated a significant fan following even among Chinese netizens and media.

Venezuela toma provecho del mercado petrolero

Por • 9 jun, 2022 • Category: Opinion

Los miembros de la Opep y los aliados países productores decidieron distribuir entre julio y agosto próximos el alza de 432.000 barriles diarios prevista para septiembre, y así elevar a 648.000 barriles diarios la producción de cada mes, muy a tono con el deseo de aprovechar los altos precios causados por las sanciones aplicadas por EEUU y Europa a la exportación del petróleo ruso; y por la ligera reanimación económica estimulada por el descenso del Covid19. La decisión de la Opep más diez países productores, Opep+, tiene lugar días después de que la Unión Europea aprobara aplicar más bloqueos a las exportaciones de petróleo ruso, para configurar un cuadro de mercado alcista en los precios, desequilibrado en la producción, y alterado en las cadenas de distribución del hidrocarburo.Así las cosas, el petróleo continúa en alza. Los productores y especuladores del mercado a futuro elevaron los precios del crudo a principios de esta semana, después de que Arabia Saudita dijera el domingo que subiría los precios del petróleo para la mayoría de las regiones, excepto Estados Unidos.

Battle for Donbas exposing weakness all around

Por • 8 jun, 2022 • Category: Opinion

They are in a deep salient, with the city of Severodonetsk at its easternmost point. Russian forces are massed on the salient’s northern and southern shoulders. But a large-scale, pincer operation to cut off the defenders from the rear and trap them in a kessel, or cauldron, has not transpired. “As long as the Russian army’s tactic of slow advance with reliance on artillery is paying off, we should not expect it to change,” continued Poletaev. “If the Russian Armed Forces completely stall … the issue of a broad military mobilization will have to be resolved, which is still politically unacceptable for the Kremlin.”