Mechanics by E. Nelson. Derivation of the Schrodinger-Euler-Poisson Equations

Por • 12 dic, 2020 • Sección: Opinion

Mikhail Batanov-Gaukhman

The aim of the article is to develop a stochastic interpretation of the quantum mechanics by E. Nelson. Based on the consideration of the averaged states of a chaotically wandering particle, the stationary and time-dependent stochastic Schrodinger-Euler-Poisson equations (47) and (92) were obtained, which coincided with the corresponding Schrodinger equations up to coefficients. In this case, the ratio of the reduced Planck constant to the particle mass is expressed through the averaged characteristics of a three-dimensional random process in which the considered wandering particle participates. The obtained stochastic equations (39), (47), (88), (92) are suitable for describing quantum phenomena and averaged states of particles not only at atomic and subatomic scales, but also similar stochastic systems of the micro- and macroworld.

arXiv:2011.09901v1 [physics.gen-ph]

General Physics (physics.gen-ph)

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