Quantum Theory, namely the pure and reversible theory of information

Por • 27 sep, 2012 • Sección: Opinion

G. Chiribella, G. M. D’Ariano, P. Perinotti

Abstract: After more than a century since its birth, Quantum Theory still eludes our understanding. If asked to describe it, we have to resort to abstract and ad hoc principles about complex Hilbert spaces. How is it possible that a fundamental physical theory cannot be described using the ordinary language of Physics? Here we offer a contribution to the problem from the angle of Quantum Information, providing a short non-technical presentation of a recent derivation of Quantum Theory from information-theoretic principles. The broad picture emerging from the principles is that Quantum Theory is the only standard theory of information compatible with the purity and reversibility of physical processes.

arXiv:1209.5533v1 [quant-ph]

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