Redefining the Economical Power of Nations

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Kiss, Christian (2013): Redefining the Economical Power of Nations.

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Abstract The measurement of economies no longer by GDP alone, but by an Index that includes other important factors as well, a Social factors relativized GDP.

Social factors relativized GDP: GDP – GDP x GINI = K_Index Written differently: (1 – GINI) x GDP = K_Index Inflation indexed Version: (1 – GINI – Inflation) x GDP = K_Index_Infl.

Productivity Index: K_Index / Labor Force = K_PROD Inflation indexed Productivity Index: K_Index_Infl. / Labor Force = K_PROD_Infl.

Debt-to-K_Index: National debt / K_Index = K_Debt Debt-to-K_Index_Infl: National debt / K_Index_Infl. = K_Debt_Infl.

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