Some Remarks on the Value of Information from the Viewpoint of Aristotelian Semantic Triangle

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The purpose of this paper is to make a conceptual analysis on the value of information from a philosophical point of view. In the paper, confining myself to a short philosophical comment, I take the following steps. (1) By referring to the Shannon’s classical paper on communication theory, I reconfirm one of the  philosophically basic problems about the value of information, namely, the twisted relation between the elimination of meaning and our common-sense understanding of the value. (2) To elucidate the relation from a philosophical point of view, I take advantage of the Aristotle’s schematic overview called semantic triangle. The schema shows itself to have a systematic and wide-ranging conception. (3) Through analyzing the Aristotelian semantic triagle, I revaluate his philosophical insight that, in order to have a penetrating view of the value of information, we need more light on the value system from the viewpoint of human time, which is contrasted with physical or engineering time. What essentially matters is the relation between human time and Aristotelian common sense. (4) In temporary conclusion, I propose that to focuse attention on human time lead us to an adequate assessment on the crucial divide between quality and quantity in the value of information.

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 K Shinozawa – Interdisciplinary Information Sciences, 2009 – J-STAGE 


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