Turbulent Mid-East disrupts the world

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Faced with uncertainties stemming from ongoing turbulence in the Middle East, no country in the region can safely assert it would smile to the end.

The chaos there seems to supply much more libido to the media in the West than to their counterparts in emerging nations. For the first time in centuries, the pace of development in the emerging nations «embarrassingly» surpassed Western society. The unrest in the region might become a big turning point for Western countries.

It might be unfair to credit conspiracy theorists for the turmoil in the Middle East. Nobody would believe that Western forces did not play a role in the region either. Though the West has lost the strength to manipulate the political process in the Middle East, it is still strong enough to influence the political outlook in some countries.

In recent years, Western society has borne more political pressure rather than other things when faced with increasing competitiveness from developing peers. The Third World serves as an important source for the welfare in the West. The rise of emerging countries not only dwarfs Western countries but also hoists the position of the Third World.

It is safe to say, in some degree, the turbulence in the Middle East would mess up the whole pattern of the world. The Western countries would lose the game only if the turmoil was confined to the region. What the Western media hope is that the democratic movement would spread all over the world once for all, including in emerging powers such as China and Russia.

In the era of globalization, cooperation between the West and emerging countries could quell Western political elites and their impulses to transform their unease into confrontation. Therefore, we cannot say cooperation has departed the international stage. However, there is evidence suggesting that one policy option of the West is to mess up emerging countries.

The collapse of the Soviet Union brought chaos into southeast Europe and central Asia and endangered what was once the world’s most powerful nuclear nation, but the West hailed its breakdown and seized most of the benefits.

It’s hard to make choices during a crisis comes. The most important thing for Chinese people is to keep calm and alert. The stronger we are and more stable our society is, the less fantasy will the West have to sabotage China and they will pursue better cooperation.

Link: http://opinion.globaltimes.cn/editorial/2011-02/627723.html

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