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Alexander Dugin

The historical situation we find ourselves in is changing very rapidly. Whole epochs pass within few years, thus attracting an accelerated rhythm of ideological transformations. This is the case with philosophy, ideology, politology, and religious history. This leads us to a paradoxal situation – the more fundamental the changes, explosions and mutations are, the more indifferent the social reflection. Great empires and ideologies fall apart, social cycles and eras of political history come to a close, but this provokes no enthusiasm among intellectuals – just yawning. The historical and philosophical reflections of our time, its axioms and processes is simply laughable. The common denominator of the current line of thought is emptiness. Various prohibitions and inhibitions have disappeared, grey areas gained colour, lost elements been regained, but the witness who could draw conclusions of all this luxury that has been revealed, is missing.

The most interesting part of the drama is to be played before an empty hall.

And meanwhile… From the historical plurality of ideas and people, theories and religions, geopolitical blocks and technical choices, something completely new is taking form right before our very eyes. One World, one humankind, one logic of history.

There are two dominating views over such reality – moderate optimism and indifference. This is the essence of the whole nightmare. Those, who have been (or considered themselves) historical subjects, meet their own end with moderate optimism and indifference. The mechanics and dynamics of both ways, their recombinations and superpositions are creating transparent labyrinths of the current reflection, with no activity or new ideas, no dramatism.

It seems that all sides of the historical process – the worldwide conflict – have stated their loss. The fact that the loss, disillusion and “resignation” is apparent on all sides, plays the dim eschatological melody of the eternal end of humankind.

Hiatus, coma, the pale transparency of clear artificial darkness… There is no life, but there is no death either. One World is the paradigm of premortal faint, pretending that it will last forever. The victory over the fear of death has been achieved by the extreme exhaustion of life. The existence of inexistence. Compulsory doses of downers are distributed equally and heartfully. Only a few wild ones are calling for stricter means.

There is a transparent possibility (almost an impossibility) of a third view to the End of History that has become a fact.

The disobedient sick ones are kept in the silence of a planetary sanatorium by criminal perversions.

There are a few wild ones with their ideas concerning the end of time, but this will hardly invoke wider social interest. People have kept their ideas of a sunny world in the subterranean empire of darkness. Closed societies of control, where all reality is dissolved in darkness. Sartre’s prison without walls: it is finally built and given to public use.


We are all setting our diagnosis on the present moment. We are judging it by ourselves. We are bringing forth the new strategy.

It is hard to believe that nowadays one could seriously depend on resistance from the inside against the System. If such a possibility should arise, we will grab it without hesitation. Even if a struggle seems evident, it will be hopeless and desperate to fire the fatal shot. Uprising has a goal in itself. But will the System grant us even a minimal space for uprising? It doesn’t have to, for it would mean waking up in a virtual film scenario. The System is so passivated that it doesn’t need to infiltrate agent provocateurs in nonconformist movements. It has learned to create its own “revolutionary” quasi-subjects, shadows of nonconformism, false extremes.

The conceptual summa of the general theory of “uprising from the inside”, extremely topical in itself, is expressed in the theory of National-Bolshevism. It is the essence of our strategy. It is all real and desirable and current. There are no new circumstances that might shake our conviction of the truthfulness and ideological perfection contained within our paradigm. But the main thing has been already said about this. Let us now return to the reality, where external activity and face-to-face conflicts – even in the case of partisan Schmidt – don’t exist anymore. In such situation we need a new strategy, new ontology, and new historiosophy concerning the subject of Revolution.

National-Bolshevism stands before the perspective of the final metamorphosis. Its point lies in solving the problem, how to attack the enemy not in the case, when it is winning, but in the case when it has already won. Who will be there to attack, when there is nobody left – neither from our side nor theirs?

Turning away from this indifference and not showing any slightest optimism for the situation we find ourselves in, we place a judgment upon this world, being absolutely sure that it will soon fall apart. This process only seems eternal, but it will happen in one moment.

The problem is, can we accelerate this process. There is no certainty about this.

But it will come on its own. And the mob of bankers, managers, show-businessmen, fast men, diplomats, journalists, analytics, programmers, and movie stars will be wiped off the face of the earth in one wink of an eye. How brutal, monolithic and drastic final. The final of One World.

The system has learned to cheat its alternatives very cleverly and effectively. It has created holograms of pseudo-revolutions. It has turned away the members of any opposition, only to torture them afterwards. This to only sustain its perverted agonizing fun.

The new strategy lies in total negation. It is the heraldic message of the end.

Whatever, this is just guessing. Without any doubt. Really. Won’t stand a reinvestigation. Master of illusions, of bad dreams, qabbalistic Harak-Rachael sharpened within insane dreams. All counted, measured, and calculated.

The end of time will be final. A rock falling off the cliff without any help of human hand will put an end to the terrible colossus of their history.

Our history is different. It has no beginning or end. In its name we shall face the final evidence – you will not escape without first paying the price.

Lead clouds covered with grey blood. The wrath of the Lord has made it clear – you must take the material instruments literally, with their physical appearance. One World, the world of postmodern, will be crushed by giant millstones.

And no muscle will move on the face of an interested spectator. You have picked this part by yourself.

You have voted. You have won. Now blame yourself. You’re no good even to your enemies – us.

Translated by Henry Zalkin

Link: http://www.arctogaia.com/public/eng-ed9.htm

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